Wednesday, August 14, 2013

DIY Scrunch Butt Bikini Bottoms

If you haven't jumped on board the scrunch/pucker/cheeky butt bikini bottom train yet, CLIMB ABOARD! This my friends is the best thing you can do to your booty. It will make your butt look more defined and perkier! It will also eliminate that awful "saggy butt" look.

These bottoms cost anywhere from $25-45 dollars at Victoria's Secret, about $30 from Chynnda Dolls, and up to $85 at Beach Bunny. Why pay so much when you can just scrunch the bottoms you already own?!

Items You Will Need
1. Bikini bottoms
2. Thread to match
3. Sewing Machine
4. Scissors
5. Elastic, 1/4 inch wide
6. Pen
7. Ruler/Straight Edge
8. A butt

1. Set-up your machine (straight stitch, length 2, width 3, tension 4) and load your thread and bobbin.
2. Lay your bikini bottoms flat with the lining facing up. Find the middle of the bottoms and mark the center.
3. Cut a piece of elastic the length of the bottoms.
4. Place the bottoms and the elastic under your presser foot and lower the foot.
5. Lower the needle in to the elastic and fabric.
6. Manually walk the needle through the elastic and fabric for about 3 or 4 stitches.
7. Reverse stitch over those stitches back to the top.
8. Now pull the elastic straight down. The harder you pull the elastic, the more scrunch your suit will have.
9. Hold the elastic in place with one hand and guide the suit from behind the presser foot with your other hand.
10. Sew all the way to the seam where the crotch of the bottoms begins then back stitch 4 or 5 stitches.
11. You should have some loose elastic... trim that elastic and loose thread and you are done!

It took me a couple of tries to get this right and I consider myself an "okay" sewer. I can sew basic things and mend clothing but working with delicate, stretchy fabrics can be pretty advanced. If you are a beginner at sewing, ask someone who knows how to sew for help. If you are a moderately good sewer, find an old bathing suit to practice on. You will most likely mess up the first time. Do not try this on an expensive suit on your first try! I bought a pair of bottoms from Wal-Mart for $5.00 to experiment with.

A few tips and tricks...
-The more you pull the elastic, the more scrunchie the bottoms will be. Don't pull too hard or the suit won't lay right. For the gold suit I started with about 8" of elastic and cut off 1" after I sewed it. For the teal suit I cut off about 2".

-If you have a pair of bottoms that are saggy in the butt or are one size too big, pull the elastic really hard and it will take the bottoms down about one size.

-This works best on tie-side bottoms. I haven't had much luck with band-side bottoms.

-You don't have to scrunch the whole bottom of you don't want to. If you just want to add a little "touch of scrunch" only do the very top like this...
or go about halfway like this...

Final Thoughts...
-Sorry you had to stare at pictures of my butt. I was the only model available... Tyson said he wouldn't do it. HA!
-If you don't have a sewing machine or aren't any good at sewing, just take your bottoms to a local seamstress. Show them this blog post and they can do it for you for about $5.00. Definitely worth it if you have a cute suit that needs an update!

Now get to scrunching! Good luck, ladies!


  1. I can't wait to dress up my "mommy suit" with this. It'll be perfect!

  2. This world is just too small! In my Google search for a Scrunch butt How-to I found this page and was like "I know that girl".. Ray-Lee insist on having scrunch butts for the PBN girls so your how-to will be put to great use on Brittany (my guinea pig). Thank you for the awesome tutorial -Aaron


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