Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Review

Guess what I did?

I went boating...


Ugly John's hosted the Bob Morgan Memorial poker run on Saturday. Bob Morgan was a offshore powerboat racer that passed away in 2011 during a race. He was one of the most famous offshore racers and his driver, JT, was a friend of mine. I wrote about it here. This poker run was in memory of him and his love for boating!
Ashley, Jon, Dani, Jim, Me, and Phil

A couple of Jim's boats...
Freedom US-1
Enjoying lunch!
 We are always ready for the camera! Lol!
 Our friend Leslie threw a pool party for her husband Brandon's 37th birthday. That pool felt soooo good. It was nearly 95 degrees with about 85% humidity!
Saturday night I packed up and headed back home. I was so exhausted from Friday and Saturday that I couldn't even bear to go to the bar or do it all over on Sunday. The hot sun just wears me out sometimes!!

How was your weekend?

Sami's Shenanigans

Monday, June 17, 2013

Invisalign Survival Kit

Invisalign. I have it. This is what they say...
More like clearly the most annoying thing that I have ever experienced.

Yeah... no one will know except for all the random people in the bathroom at Longhorn Steakhouse staring at you brushing your teeth.

If you don't have Invisalign, you might not know that you are not supposed to put your aligners back in until after you have thoroughly flossed and brushed your teeth.

Going to dinner with the hubby?
Brush your teeth at the restaurant.

Grabbing some quick fast-food on a busy day?
Nope, gotta have a bathroom close by.

Going to a cocktail party?
Stuff your face with hour'derves for 15 minutes then hit the restroom.

It sucks but if that is what it takes to have a perfect smile, I'm in! I put together a little survival kit to help get me through my lifetime year or two of Invisalign.

What You Will Need:

A cute little pouch.
Mine is Clinique from a Bonus sale a few years ago. I like it because it is semi water proof and washable.

A Travel Toothbrush
Mine is from Colgate.

Travel Size Mouthwash
I use Crest.

Travel Size Toothpaste
I use Aquafresh.

I put mine in a small zip-lock baggy.

A little container with orthodontic wax.
Sometimes my aligners dig in to my tongue so I just put a little wax on them.

I keep this little pouch of goodies inside my purse at all times along with my Invisalign aligner box.
This has been my Invisalign life-line. I whip it out after every meal and proudly brush my teeth.

I hope this helps! Good luck on your Invisalign Journey!
Read mine here.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Weekend Review: Boat Racer Edition

Last weekend I officially became a boat racer! You are probably thinking "you race boats all the time" but this time it was different. Tyson and I entered a sanctioned boat race called Lake Race at the Lake of the Ozarks. This means we have to follow a bunch of rules, a strict schedule, and I can't get drunk like I usually do at the lake. I don't do well with any of those things but I obliged. I'm so glad I did because it was an awesome experience!

This is the boat we raced. It's a 42' Skater.
I had to get in to a FREEZING cold swimming pool and show that I knew had to swim and wade in water.
We had to do a physical examination each morning before the races. This included my pulse, blood pressure, and a breathalyzer.
Beautiful day on Saturday before the races!
This is our Simrad GPS showing our tracks. We did six laps on a 4.5 mile course.
Here is a picture of us racing!
The event was at Beaver's at the Dam in Lake Ozark.
So neat watching the cranes pull the boats out of the water.
Mallory and Seth came to watch me race! I was so glad they came to cheer us on! After we finished the race on Saturday we went for a boat ride to Horny Toad for dinner. We had a great time!
After dinner we had to do a little car-shuffle so Seth gave Tyson a ride to our truck. We made sure they put the top down on the BMW so they would look extra fancy. HA!

Here is a video from our race on Sunday.

We finished in first place but that is because we were the only boat in our class! It wasn't a huge turnout but we wanted to race to put on a show and help the event. My two goals were to not break the boat and not wreck... and we did neither so I was happy.

I got a lot of courage knowing my dad would have supported me racing. I know he was watching over us! He's the best guardian angel ever. Love you dad, miss you!

Thursday, June 6, 2013


I never do outfit-of-the-day's because usually I am wearing running shorts and a t-shirt. Today I got a little crazy and put on some cute clothes. Check it out!
 Jacket: Danier
I got this jacket when we were in Canada. I absolutely fell in love with the style, color, and detail. It is so comfortable and is just perfect over a tank dress on a cool day.
 Dress: Target
I have been searching for a basic black tank high-low dress for a few months. I like high-low dresses better than short dresses because they cover enough to wear around the shop and to run errands. I also prefer them over maxi dresses because they are easier to move around in. I got this dress at Target for $29.99 but I can't find it on their website!
Flip Flops: Old Navy
I got these flip-flops from Old Navy a few weeks ago. I love them because of the small rhinestone detail and the strap that goes around my heel. They are very comfortable! I got the bronze also because they were 2 pairs for $15.00.

Sunglasses: Sunglass Hut
I've had these sunglasses for about a year and they are my absolute favorite! They are light weight, sturdy, and don't squeeze my head. Lol! I can't find a link to them... sorry!

Happy Thursday!