Friday, December 13, 2013

Happy Friday!

It's Friday the 13th... dun dun duuuuuun...

Kidding. I'm not superstitious. If I were superstitious I wouldn't have dropped Boo Boo off for surgery this morning. He's having his cancer removed... for the second time. He was pretty pissed when I took him to the vet but he will get over it. As long as he gets his wet food when he gets home he will like me again.

I'm sipping coffee right now as it rains. It's about 35 degrees outside so no snow... just rain. I have a lot on my schedule today so I need to go shower and get ready but I wanted to leave you with some pictures I have taken with my Black Friday steal. My Nikon D7000. Enjoy!

Mr. Sam-Shine

He makes a great test subject!


He was very interested in the tree that evening...

One of our employees grinding a fixture.

Mayor's Chistmas Tree Lighting in Carthage, MO

Boo Boo being a majestic kitty.

Natural lighting living room shot.

My jewelry stack.

And meee!

I hope you like! I can't wait to use this camera more. It's been so much fun playing with it.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Let's Play Catch Up!

I feel like I've totally deserted ya'll. It's been nearly a month since I've written anything, so let's catch up!

  • Right after I got back from Key West we celebrated Sam's 2nd birthday. It was a monster theme which I thoroughly enjoyed!

  • Then the following weekend Tyson's family and I went to Branson. We stayed at the Suites at Falls Creek which was lovely and we saw the Dixie Stampede!

We also did a lot of shopping and on the last day we had brunch at the Worman House. This restaurant is amazing and has a huge brunch buffet. This is what I had for breakfast...
Yes that's a bloody mary, coffee, champagne, oysters, and pastries.
  • The next week was Thanksgiving which was great! My mom came down to Joplin and we had dinner at Neely's. This was the first time my mom had met anyone in Tyson's family. Everyone got along so well and my mom was very sad to leave!

  • After enjoying the entire day with family, I saw everyone on Facebook was out shopping for Black Friday. Although I had been eyeing a great deal on a DSLR camera at Best Buy, I opted out of going out after Thanksgiving dinner or waking up early to hit the stores. I slept in on Friday and got up and decided Tyson and I would go to Best Buy to see "what was left". Fortunately, the camera I wanted was still in stock! I scored this bundle for a great price and have been taking beautiful pictures with it daily!

  • I visited an allergy doctor to see if we could pin-point what exactly it is I'm allergic to. I have terrible "seasonal" allergies but come to find out I'm allergic to just about everything... pollen, trees, grass, cats, dust, mold... you get the idea.

This is the allergy skin test they did. It was probably the strangest experience I've ever had at a doctor's office.

  • I also found a fabulous red lipstick! You likey? I've never worn red lipstick. I bought a red Rimmel lipstick last winter and it was wretched. It made me believe I couldn't pull off a red lip. Come to find out, it was just a terrible color that didn't go with my skin tone. This color is by Revlon called "Certainly Red".

Well that pretty much catches us up! I sure missed ya'll. Talk to you soon!