Friday, November 15, 2013

Miami and Key West

Hi friends! I just got back from a trip to Miami and Key West and thought I should share some fun moments!

Walking around South Beach. It was very windy so the beach was pretty quiet.

I love Miami because I get to wear all of the outfits that I can't wear at home.

There was a guy at Mango's who had two birdies that I just haaaaad to get a picture with. I love birds!

We rode down to Key West on our friends cruiser. We left at 7am so we got to see the sunrise. This shot is of Miami as we head south.

Some friends of mine work on this yacht called "Mia". Such a beautiful boat.

The weather was perfect! It was warm and sunny with a little breeze. Perfect boating weather!

We don't mess around with our boat drinks!

My favorite part of this trip is when all of the powerboaters go to this deserted island called "Boca Grande". We pack sandwiches and lots of booze beverages and party on the island for three or four hours. It's a blast!

This year over 200 boats came!

The trip was so much fun! I was gone for one week and when I got home I was EXHAUSTED. Have been doing laundry, sleeping, and attempting to catch up on office work since Tuesday.

Oh and one more thing. This little handsome man turned two today! He's fabulous. I mean who else rides a tricycle while eating a biscotti?

Have a great weekend!