About Me

I love sunshine! Summer, boating, and traveling! I grew up at the Lake of the Ozarks in the heart of Missouri. I graduated from University of Central MO with my bachelor's degree in business management. After I graduated, I met Tyson and we have been traveling around the US going to beautiful destinations such as Key West, Canada, Kentucky, and California.

I am an only child and have a sweet baby pup named Bonzai that my mom has confiscated him from me since I travel so much. I love my mom and dad dearly, and I have amazing friends!

Facts about Tristan

I love Mad Libs                      I am a smart ass
I go to bed at 10pm                I love to do laundry
I want to be a ballerina          I have never had surgery
I am an organization freak     I love Mizzou (Go Tigers!)
I get chills when I hear the sound of bristles on a toothbrush
I have been a gas dock girl every summer for the past 9 years
I was a cheerleader in high school and part of college
I would eat Mexican food every day if I could
I was a nanny my freshman year of college
Dasani is my favorite bottled water
I love techno/house/dance music
I don't have any tattoos
I hate to be cold
I <3 sunsets