Friday, March 23, 2012

What I'm Loving...

I am really loving bright pink and orange. It's so bright and cheery!!

Love the tank and skirt combo. So simple but fun!

 Hot pink pants? Yes please!

I love coloblock wedges!!

Again with the tank and skirt. So pretty!

Gorgeous necklace!!

(I did not take these photos nor are they my property. I would link to the original owner but Pinterest often leads me to a nice big DEAD END.)

So... what are you loving?

Confessional Friday: {Link Up with A Blonde Ambition}

1. This is my first link-up! I'm slowly learning the world of blogging and I LOVE it!! I just got my beautiful blog designed by Jenn at Munchkin Land Designs. She did an amazing job and was so easy to work with. Thanks Jenn!!

2. I am not a natural blonde. Ahhhh!! I said it!! I got my roots touched up yesterday and Dixie (my awesome hair dresser) told me it looks like my hair is growing in darker. Waaaaaahhhh {these are crying noises} I don't know why this is happening but I do not like it. I recently just edged up my vitamin intake so I wonder if that did it. I just don't know...

3. I am leaving for Florida on Saturday. Well hopefully Saturday if everything goes as planned. Ty and I are hauling a boat to Tampa and then sticking around for a poker run. I love poker runs... That's a confession for sure!!

4. I'm about 25 seconds away from ordering some new running shoes. And can you believe this!? I just got on to find a photo of the shoes and they don't have my size anymore. story. of. my. life. I always do this. I over think a purchase and then when it is time to pull the trigger they don't have my size/color!!! Ugghhhhh

Alright... that should work for my first link up!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ughh... I've been bored lately.


Nothin' new around here so I thought I would share with you what I do on my boring days!

I watch YouTube videos!

haha... i'm such a loser.

This is my favorite Beauty Guru Channel
Megan is such a sweet girl and does a really great job with tutorials. Her videos are pretty funny, too!

Another good beauty channel is...
This girl is just plain hilarious!!

This channel is purely entertainment for me.

Trisha has the most random videos... some good, some bad. Either way, it keeps me entertained.

Finally. My all time favorite channel is:
I am typically laughing my ass off after watching one of Jenna's videos. She is effing hysterical.

Anywho... I should add that I don't watch YouTube videos ALL DAY. Just about an hour or two on days when I'm in the office with Ty. Haha

Monday, March 12, 2012

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

I love warm days!! I don't love the wind... but I will deal if it's warm outside. Lol

 Now for some randoms...

Wore my Tiffany & Co heart pendant with a cross pendant and I think it looks pretty cute. The layered effect is fun!

I want a Louis... and I want a Louis BAD. I love both of these bags. Why? My two main bag rules are:
1. Must be able to wear on shoulder (comfortably). Mainly for shopping purposes. Gotta have both hands while browsing through the racks!
2. Must have a full zipper on the top. I'm blonde and tend to drop things so when I bend over, I get a little miffed when the contents of my purse falls out.

Which one do you like better? The Monogram Canvas or the Damier Azur Canvas?

Who thinks I should do a giveaway... I need more followers!!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Today is not my favorite day...

Well today wasn't so much fun... I woke up, got ready for my day, and started munching on my breakfast which consisted of my Green Machine juice, a banana, and some Nacho Cheese Doritos. Yep... Doritos. Well about an hour after my delicious breakfast I acquired this AWFUL toothache. I think it was God's way of saying

Doritos for breakfast, Tristan? Really?

So guess who got to go to the dentist today?

This guy gal.

Looks like I get to have a good ole' root-canal. Ugh. I have had the worlds worst luck with teeth. My whole life I have been plagued with terrible teeth issues. If I could have three wishes, one would be PERFECT TEETH.

And I don't understand... I take great care of my teeth... brush them at least twice every day, floss, use mouth rinse, the whole nine yards.

So anywho, I had to go to Walgreens to have a prescription filled and I finally got to get these little guys...


Everyone raves about them and I'm a huge Chap Stick fan so I broke out of my rut of Cherry Chap Stick and purchased these two little guys. Best part? Buy two for $6.00!

I think they would make great Easter gifts because they look like little eggs! Cuteness!!

I went to a fundraiser!

Last night Tyson's mom, Janet, and I went to a benefit auction for the Lafayette House-- a shelter for battered women and children. It was at the Downstream Casino in Joplin, MO. It was an amazing fundraiser. They had a silent auction for about 200 purses... new, used, name brand, home-made, everything! They had finger-foods, one of which was a DELISH spring roll. Also, a fashion show! With designer, Anthony Williams, who was on Project Runway. He was hilarious!!

The decorations were beautiful-- black and pink!

The centerpieces were adorable! And I got to take ours home!!

Anthony was hilarious... check out my video!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Holy crap I suck at this!!




Anywho... the  month of February disappeared... has anyone seen it?

I went to FL to prepare for the Miami Boat Show with my friends at "Statement Marine".

Total. Blast.

Caitlyn and I at the boat show.

Have you ever heard of "Guy Harvey"? He was there!!

That is Caitlyn's mom, Priscilla, and brother, Owen. He's the cutest thing ever!!

I got to go to my favorite night club ever!! MANSION!! I love this place... their performers mesmerize me!

We were walking to dinner down Lincoln Rd in Miami and this dog was the "security guard" at this boutique! Adorable!!

Beautiful beach!!

I love my new Mizzou Tervis tumbler... we may or may not have brought our own wine to the pool. :-)

POKER RUN!! We did the first run on Thursday. (More time in the Keys!)

We rode with a friend back to the lunch stop on Friday in his 50' Outerlimits. A couple million dollar boats in this picture!

Me in my lil' red bikini!

I spent three weeks in Florida... one week in the Tampa Bay area, another week in Miami, and then the last part in Islamorada. It was definitely not a "vacation" though... I like to call it "glorified work".