Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

What a great weekend! Thursday afternoon I left Joplin and went home to the lake. When I got home I settled in and relaxed for the rest of the evening.

Friday morning I woke up and my mom made me breakfast... an eggy-cheese sandwich to be exact. After a quick nap I went to Versailles. I had to go to the court house to get some paper work to get a new vehicle licensed. I have been trying to get my dad's personalized license plates that say "BOATIN" since he passed away in January. It has been nothing short of hell to get them. I had to have someone "gift" me a vehicle so I can get a title with only my name on it in order to get these personalized license plates. It has been a huge ordeal but this license plate really means a lot to me.

After I left the court house I went to the license bureau and prepared for the worst... I figured I had forgot something like a signature or a piece of paperwork but NOPE! I remembered everything and got the truck licensed and it was so EASY! A huge weight was lifted off my chest! I only have a few more steps until I can say that the license plate is officially and legally mine. Wish me luck!

Afterwards, I got my hair done and got to spend time with Dixie, her daughter Caity, and her beautiful twin baby girls who are already one year old now. Time sure flies!

When I realized how fast I got all of my errands done I text messaged Mallory to see if she was busy at work. She wasn't so she invited me to come to the clinic to visit with her. I am so glad I got to spend some time with my bestie! We don't see each other very often so I will take what I can get. We hung out at the clinic for a few hours and then I went home to have dinner with my mom. I relaxed for the rest of the evening and enjoyed my mom and our doggies company.

Saturday I got up and went to Columbia for the Mizzou game. My friend Melissa invited me to the game with her and Richard. Richard has a suite and technically, the best view of the entire field. It was the press box before they revamped the entire stadium. It has tons of seating, free drinks, food, and a dessert cart comes by and spoils you rotten. I had an absolutely amazing time hanging out with friends and watching the game in the suite. I even got to meet TJ Moe! He was our wide receiver last year and now plays for the New England Patriots. He tore his Achilles tendon four months ago so he has been in rehab in St. Louis. Mizzou hired him to be a greeter for the suite guests during home games. Oh and I forgot the most important part... we won!

The amazing dessert cart...

Richard, TJ, and I
 After the game we went to Shiloh and Room 38. We stayed up waaaay too late (3:30am) but we had a great time!

Sunday laid around until 12:30pm and then went to lunch and over to a friends to hang by the pool on the last great day of the year. (Winter will be here soon, my friends.) I was so exhausted from our festivities that I drove back to the lake and went to bed... at 7:30pm. I needed that sleep!

How was your weekend? Have a great week, friends!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What I've Been Doing and a Birthday Recap

I feel like I've neglected you guys. Let's catch up!

At the beginning of August I was recovering from having two dental implants. On top of having surgery, I was nursing one of our two cats back to health. He was not in good shape... he had diabetes and heart disease. I syringe fed him three times a day for nearly eight weeks and checked on him multiple times throughout the course of the day/night but his disease ended up taking over. He passed a blood clot so we had to put him down on August 8th.
August was also a very busy month for us at work. We were working at a remote location so I was driving back-and-forth to our shop multiple times a day to retrieve parts and tools. We also had numerous meetings with our customer and we had to move one of our locations. It was absolute CHAOS.

Then smack dab in the middle of all of this, Tyson decided to go to New York to reclaim his title for the Bermuda Challenge. The weather was clear for them to go on August 21st... this weather window is very tight and they can not go until they get approval from the Coast Guard. August 21st just so happened to be the day that we had to have our friend's boat delivered to Lake of the Ozarks for the Shootout. This would normally be no-big-deal but this boat is not easy to haul. A good friend of mine ended up hauling it for us and everything worked out even though I was sweating bullets the whole 6 hour drive.
But in the end, Tyson and Chris got our record back! Woo hoo!
This kicked off my birthday celebration and the Shootout!

We had a blast at the lake and I can't wait until next year!

Tuesday the 27th was my actual birthday. We had dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant, El Vallarta. It was low key and perfect!

The following weekend was Labor Day. My old boss from the gas dock asked me if I could fill in a few shifts for the holiday weekend. I couldn't say no! I missed the gas dock so much and loved every second of being back. It was so much fun!
And then the next weekend (I feel like a broken record) was Rachel's bachelorette party! Rachel and I were very good friends all throughout middle and high school and we have stayed in touch very well over the last seven years.
Friday night was our Girl's Night. We went to a winery and then to Shady Gators while the guys went to Frankie and Louie's. Later that night we all came together at Rachel's parents house where we set up camp! It was so much fun having everyone packed in to the house with their air mattresses and staying up late like high school again.
Saturday we went out on the boat. (Both guys and girls.)
The whole weekend was so much fun until I got news that some guys we know from Joplin died in a boat accident. I could not believe it. My heart stopped for what felt like the whole day.
The last few weeks have been a little more low-key. We went to Michigan to tour the Skater Powerboats factory which was very neat.
(That place is full of secrets so I couldn't take any other pictures.)

Then last weekend we celebrated Tyson's late father's 70th birthday party.
So that's what I've been doing for the last eight weeks. A lot of ups-and-downs but that's life... and I have to live it. Hopefully I will get back in to the groove with my blogging. I sure miss you all!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Confessional Friday

1. I confess I have had so much anxiety lately. My to-do list is a mile long. I am at a crossroads with my orthodontic work. I either need to shell out $6,000 for a surgery that will make the rest of my Invisalign a breeze, or I get to go down a rocky road of "making things work". Maybe I'll find 6k laying on the ground today.

2. I confess that I am a little excited to see the two hours season premier of Grey's Anatomy. I used to watch it religiously back in college but I stopped watching because I got so busy. I saw the finale from last season so now I want to know what happens to Meredith and James!

3. I confess that I will be a calendar model soon!

4. I confess that I miss coffee. I can't bear to have my Invisalign out for more than 2 hours a day... one hour for lunch and one hour for dinner... so I just don't have time to sip on a cup of coffee every morning and it sucks.

5. I confess that I have not ran or worked out in about a month. I'm not happy about it either.

6. I confess that yesterday I bought a box of Fruit by the Foot and Fruit Roll-Ups. Yes I grew up in the 90's and yes I plan on finishing off both boxes by next week.

7. And finally, I confess that I am so excited to be going to the Mizzou game on the 28th vs Arkansas State. It's my friend Melissa's birthday weekend and we are going to have a blast!!

Now go link up with Leslie and confess!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Winner Winner, CLARISONIC!

Boy am I one naughty blogger! I haven't posted in a month and some BIG THINGS have happened. I have been so busy! I'll catch you guys up on that stuff later, though. Today I am devoting this whole post to thanking one of my favorite bloggers, Shasta Anne! I won her giveaway for a Clarisonic!
She announced the winner on August 25. I was out of town AND my stupid iPhone wasn't connecting to my gmail account so I wasn't getting some of my emails. Then she commented on my Birthday Wishlist post telling me again that I had won. (I'm a horrible giveaway winner, I know.)

I finally saw her comment and e-mail when I got home on the 26th. I can assure you I was ECSTATIC! I was sitting in my office screaming


The guys were like "What is a Clarisonic?"

And my dumbass replies "It's this face-scrubber thing that vibrates!!!"

and they say "You won a vibrator!?"

ummmmm... kind of?


I was so very happy that I won. I have wanted a Clarisonic for a few years and have struggled with whether to buy one for myself or put it on my wishlist for Christmas or my birthday. The stars must have aligned because winning one is way better!

When I got it in the mail, I was pretty happy.
Shasta packaged it so beautifully with a glittery "T" and pretty tissue paper.
I got to choose between the MIA in white, teal, mango, or pink OR the MIA 2 in white. I selected the MIA 2 in white.

I have been using it about every other day and I can definitely feel my face is cleaner than just washing it with a cleanser. And so far I haven't experienced that "Clarisonic breakout phase". My acne is hormonal so I don't think it will really help with that but it will definitely keep me looking fresher and promote new cell turnover which is great for me since I have oily skin.

Again, big thanks to Shasta! This is one of my absolute favorite birthday presents!