Monday, April 16, 2012

I might be slightly, incredibly, overly EXCITED

So as most of you readers (all 9 of you) know, my boyfriend and I do a lot of traveling! We have an event in Lake Havasu City, NV coming up soon. The event is the Desert Storm Poker Run. It draws boaters from all over the country to see the unique scenery of the Nevada lakes.

Lake Havasu is only two hours away from Las Vegas so Tyson asked if I wanted to go there. I have never been to Las Vegas so I said "YES!!". I, of course, started researching "Top Ten Things to do in Las Vegas" and other corny stuff like a typical tourist would do. And then I remembered that Holly Madison's Peep Show is in Vegas.

i. love. holly. madison.

always have.

always will.

I expressed much interest in seeing her show and Tyson loves Cirque Du Soleil so I thought those would be two great shows to see on my first trip to Vegas.

With that being said, I know those shows are expensive so I didn't push him to buy tickets.

But the dear sweetheart he is, surprised me!! He bought tickets to both shows in literally, the front row!!!

I am soooooo excited!!!

So to top it all off, last night I tweeted Holly.... AND SEE REPLIED!!! AHHHHHH!!!!

I love Holly. She is so sweet, funny, and beautiful! I can't wait to see her up-close-and-personal-in-real-life!!!

I'll get pictures. :-)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Organization Tip!

I'm an organization FREAK! I mean it's serious. I have friends who call me to help them unpack and organize their new homes. Heck, I have had friends of friends call for help! The funniest thing is two or three years later I'll get random phone calls from these ladies and they will say:

"Hey Tristan, do you know where my heart shaped cake pan is?"

and I say

"Yes, it's in the bottom cabinet on the far right behind your fondue maker."

So here is a fun little organization tip for your bathroom! I like to display certain cosmetics that I use regularly like my lipglosses. Those little guys roll around too easy so I needed to contain them!

Here we have the Lipgloss Containing Device.
Shaving Cream Lids

They're fun colors and easily fit three or four lipglosses! I have these displayed on a shelf beside the counter and sink. It keeps them from rolling off the shelf and I can easily see what I have to choose from!

It's easy and FREE! Well if you buy shaving cream it's free. Don't steal the lids off shaving cream, ladies! Lol

Now go dig in your trash for that last bottle of shaving cream and pull that lid off!


Well not really. I would.


Saturday, April 7, 2012

New Skincare Routine

So I have some seriously nasty oily skin. I mean two hours after I put on my makeup, I need some oil blotters and some powder.

It sucks.

Recently I purchased a few new items to combat my oily skin.

Today I started with the Murad Acne Response Set. An associate at Sephora told me a few weeks ago that the Skin Perfecting Lotion is a good oil control moisturizer.

After I wash my face and moisturize, I use De Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray. I've been using this for about four months and haven't seen much improvement but I'm not giving up!

Next, I'm using Sephora's Tricks of the Trade Anti-Shine Primer. I just got a sample of this a few days ago. I have never used a primer because I rarely have time to coat my face with three or four layers of lotions but I'm so tired of being oily, I gave in.

Finally, I'm using Make Up Forever Mat Velvet + Matifying Foundation. I have been using this foundation for about six months and really like it. It's smooth and does not break me out like some other foundations usually do.

I set my foundation with Make Up Forever HD Microfinish Powder which seems to do a really great job of locking my foundation in place.

Overall, I think I'm getting there. It's so expensive to purchase every product that someone recommends. I love the Sephora samples... they are great for trying new products!

If any of you have any advice for oily skin, let me know!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Patriotic Swimwear

Two things I like to do:
1. Color Coordinate
2. Plan Ahead

With this being said, I thought I would make a "Tristan's Favorite Patriotic Swimwear" list. Summer is almost here and 4th of July calls for red, white, and blue attire! Also, we are heading to Lake Havasu, Arizona in 15 days for a poker run so I need some bathing suits to match the boat!

This is by far one of my favorite swimwear designers. Their suits are quality and made very well!

I have this suit and I LOVE it! The lace is so cute!! Plus it has the scrunch butt which really does wonders for your booty!

This suit is priced really well and is just too darn adorable with the beads on the strings!!

This suit is probably a little more revealing than the others. The strings on the bottoms show a lot of hip!!

Wicked Temptations
This suit is rather modest considering it comes from a "lingerie" website. Haha

If you are more into solids or mix-and-match, Luli Fama makes a really great quality suit in 20+ colors!

If you collect bikinis like I do, I'm sure one (or more) of these will fit in to your beach bag nicely!