Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My Wedding Shoes

I ordered my wedding shoes yesterday! I found these sandals when I was surfing through Instagram.
sunset blonde instagram ibiza sandal lauren lorraine
They are so blinged-out and they are the exact style of sandal that I wear all summer long. I knew they would be my wedding shoes!

The designer is Lauren Lorraine and they are called the 'Ibiza' Sandal.
I ordered mine in the tan/natural color.

I can't wait to get them!! What shoes did you wear for your wedding?

Monday, March 23, 2015

My Easter Tree and Easter Decorations

I've had so much fun decorating my holiday tree for Easter. I love eggs and pastel colors and it's such a nice way to welcome Spring. So I thought I would share with you where I got all these cute little ornaments and decorations!
I got the tree at Pier One last year the day after Christmas for 50% off. It was originally $40 so I got it for $20. All of the hanging egg ornaments are from Hobby Lobby. The sequin eggs were in a package of 12 for $2.39. The larger matte finish eggs were in a package of 12 for $4.19.
The eggs with glitter and beading on them I bought individually for $1.79 each. The crosses were in a package of 6 for $0.88 cents. The moss underneath the tree was in a 6' roll for $5.99.
This Easter bunny ornament was $2.39. My favorite ornament is this fuzzy baby chick with a crown on it's head. I got it at Pier 1 for $3.95.
Moving over to the Eater basket...
I got the white basket at Hobby Lobby for $4.49 but I can't find the link for it. The three carrots are from Pier 1 for $4.95. I got the grass last year from Target on clearance and the eggs are old and I don't know where they are from.

And that's it! So in total I spent about $35 dollars decorating my sideboard for Easter which I think is just fine considering I will use these ornaments every year for a long time. Every time I walk by it I smile. It makes me so hoppy! (Hehe... see what I did there!?)

Friday, March 20, 2015

Confessional Friday

Hi ladies! Leslie isn't doing a link up this week but I still wanted to catch up with you a little bit. A lot has been going on around here so let's begin!

// Last week was suuuuper stressful. I visited my venue on Monday and had to make a decision on Tuesday on whether to book it or not. I was seriously freaking out. I want our venue to be special but I also don't want to have logistical issues like with parking cars and people having trouble finding the place. Even my nail lady could tell I wasn't right. I seriously felt like I was losing my mind. Then I went to St. Louis on Friday to try on dresses and that was MORE stress. But I think I solved my stress issue by hanging out with some of my girlfriends at the lake last weekend. Sometimes it's best to take a break and have a little fun.
We had the whole lake to ourselves.

// My future SIL made corned beef and cabbage and a bunch of other delicious Irish food on Sunday for St. Patrick's day. It was seriously SO GOOD.

// I BOUGHT A WEDDING DRESS!!! It's beautiful and I can't wait for it to arrive. It should be here any day now! Here's one that didn't make the cut. Just for your viewing pleasure.
Buying my dress was not your average wedding-dress-buying-story. But I don't feel like telling that story today. It still stresses me out just thinking about it!

// I got my Save-The-Dates! They are so pretty! I can't send them out until my new return address label stamp arrives. Did I mention I like stationary? I like, love stationary.

// Taz got a new toy! We bought him a cat tower for the office. Yes, he's slightly spoiled. And if you are ever cat-tower-shopping, definitely buy them off Amazon. WAY better pricing than at local pet stores.

// I hate to bore you with more wedding talk but I decided I'm going to get mis-matched china for my dessert plates for the reception. I think this look is super cute and adds a personalized touch to the standard white serving plates. Plus it will be a conversation piece. I can't wait to get my hands on a bunch of pretty gold/pink/silver/floral plates! Look out, vintage stores!

// I decorated for Easter and I'm a little obsessed with this tree and basket. Neely and I bought these trees after Christmas last year and we both have had so much fun decorating them for each holiday. But there is just something about pretty pastel eggs and fluffy chicks that really tripped my happy trigger!

// And lastly, I will leave you with this girl that has two babies trapped in her knees.

Happy Weekend!