Friday, August 31, 2012

Confessional Friday {Link Up with A Blonde Ambition}

I confess that I am so glad it is raining today. I love rain and we need it so bad. Plus, I get to wear my sweet rain boots!

I confess that my calendar is still on July.

I confess that I bought some new makeup last night. I really don't need any more makeup, but I am looking for a faster foundation routine... for my "lazy days". Just something with quick and easy medium coverage. Hopefully this will do the trick.

I confess that it is driving me crazy that I have 32 emails in my inbox. Damn you Craigslist-want-to-buy-but-no-reply-people!

I confess that we ate PB&J for dinner last night... at 9:30. :-)

I confess that I am about 2 seconds away from getting in my car and road-tripping to Kansas City for some Mac foundation. Not like I need to be road-tripping or buying anymore makeup, but I am dying to try this stuff. Have any of you tried it?

I confess that I am getting kind of excited for fall. I love summer... it is my favorite season... but the thought of skinny jeans with my new riding boots makes me smile. (Gonna channel my inner KK.)

And lastly, I confess that I am so glad Holly Madison is pregnant! I love Holly and she deserves to experience the magic of pregnancy.

And I'm out!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

My new whip...

Pretty sweet, right?


I mean THIS new whip...

This car does everyone but wash the dishes.

Back-up camera...
Awesome gas mileage... (and this is city driving!!)
Touch-screen navigation
XM Radio

This car has this thing called "Blue Link". I can use an app on my iPhone to remote start, roll up/down windows, unlock/lock doors... you get the point.

It has a turbo-charged engine and it's really FAST!

Paddle shifters
Tinted windows
Panoramic roof/moon roof
Heated front and rear seats
Dual temperature control

This car is amazeballs.

I bought my first Sonata in 2008. It was two years old and I got a SMOKIN' deal on it.
I put 70,000 miles on that car in 4 years. I decided earlier this summer that it was time to start car shopping. Tyson and I looked at a few different models but I was so happy with my '06 Sonata, we looked in to the new version.

I had NO clue he was going to get me one for my birthday... better yet a brand new one. (I'm the type to buy used.) I am so happy with this car. It rides like a dream, feels sporty, but has every luxury that a Mercedes would have, only $30,000 cheaper.

So if you are in the market for a new car, definitely look at some Hyundais. They build really great quality cars... comparable to Lexus and Mercedes... but at half the price. Trust me! I love a good bargain!

I am one happy girl.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Best. Birthday. Ever.

So my birthday weekend started last Wednesday when we went to the Lake of the Ozarks for the Shootout.

Wednesday night was the Shootout Street party where all of the boats park on the "Bagnell Dam Strip" for display. Everyone walks around and looks at all the amazing boats.
Here are the girls of Performance Boat Center!

Thursday we boated up to a pool party at Coconuts where I drank a lot...
of water and Diet Coke. Lol

Then Friday was the poker run to Big Dick's. Lol yes that is the name of the bar we went to.

Friday night we went to Dog Days for a dock party.

Saturday was the Shootout! We tied up to a houseboat and watched the boats race by us!

Working on Freedom... typical!

Saturday night I went to Shady Gator's.

Sunday we went back to the Shootout and unfortunately it rained most of the day. We ate dinner and then hopped back on the boat right as it stopped raining... just in time for the double rainbow.

Sunday night we went to my parents house for dinner. My mom and dad got me some awesome gifts!
My mom and I are obsessed with these "ermahgerd" jokes!

Gotta have fresh Mizzou gear!!

And a Tiffany Blue Pop phone!!!

We stayed the night at the hotel Sunday night so Monday morning (my actual birthday) we had to get up and bring the boat home.

And that's when I got this:

A BRAND NEW 2013 Hyundai Sonata 2.0T Limited

We were walking out to my car and this beauty was sitting in her place.

I was soooo shocked. I had literally NO idea. I was bawling like a baby. Lol

And it's FAST. Turbo-charged, baby!

Monday evening, Tyson's sister, mom, and brother-in-law threw me a mini birthday party. Neely kept saying she had a HUGE surprise. I'm thinking "what the hell can beat a new car!?"

A Mizzou themed birthday-wedding cake.
I'm obsessed with wedding cake and Neely knows that. So she asked for a wedding cake that was for my birthday.

His family got me so much stuff!!

a Pink POP phone
a Deep Waver
BCBG perfume
Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue perfume
set of 5 pearl earrings
Eos lip balms
a hot pink beach towel with my name embroidered on it
VS Pink "MIZZOU" leggings

and like a million other things

So basically, it was an awesome birthday!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

May Book Giveaway @ BEAUtiful Mess

How ironic! My friend Sara just told me to to check out these May Books!

So when I saw Steph over at BEAUtiful Mess was giving away a planner, I had to check them out for sure!

So. Cute.

I designed a few... what do you think?

This girl loves anchors!

Oh and chevrons!

And pink and teal! Lol
I might order one even if I don't win... but winning is so much more fun! And would make an AWESOME birthday present...
*cough cough*
The giveaway ends on my birfday.
Have a great day!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Reef Sandals are the best!

If you wear flip flops on the daily like me, you must get a pair of these. I bought my first pair about three years ago and it's all I wear anymore! Running around on a cement gas dock all day can really be painful on the feet... until I found these! They have great support and don't rub any blisters because the straps are neoprene, not rubber or leather.
I got these at Journey's but I have also bought them at Summer USA at the Lake. They run around $50 dollars so if you can find them anywhere south of that, grab them!

I have five pairs now. :-/

I'm addicted.

My weekend in review

What a busy weekend! We are getting everything ready for the Shootout which means a lot of running around. I had to drive to Springdale, Arkansas on Friday to pick up a bearing for the transmission in the boat then after Tyson rebuilt the tranny, I had to deliver it to Grand Lake, OK Friday evening. Jim (Freedom's owner) met me at the lake, helped me unload the tranny, then we had a great dinner. After dinner I drove back to Joplin.

Saturday I got up at 7am (ugh) and was off to the Lake of the Ozarks by 9am. I delivered a truck to a customer and then went to the Big Thunder Estate Auction. Remember me telling you about the two boat racers that passed away last November in Key West? They owned a marina and a TON of racing equipment... engines, trucks, trailers, toters... you get the point.

Here is a collage in memory of Bob and JT.

Jim flew up from Grand Lake to go to the auction so I met him after I delivered the truck. We then flew down to Grand Lake from Lake of the Ozarks to get Freedom ready for the Shootout.

Here is Party Cove from above:

When we got to Grand Lake we flew over and spotted our friend Delo in his 59' Carver... He's a slight OU fan.

We landed and hopped in Freedom for a shakedown run. We had to make sure our baby was ready to roll at the LOTO!

Some of the locals got together for a Cigarette Meet-n-Greet. (A Cigarette is a brand of boat, not like they were all sittin around smoking cigs. Lol)
We met up with them and hung out for a little while.
Freedom isn't a Cigarette (it's a Skater) but they enjoyed our company.

The sunset was beautiful Saturday night!

Sunday we did a few last minute repairs and then Tyson and I headed back to Joplin.

It was a great weekend! I have two days to prepare everything for the Shootout and my birthday! Wish me luck!!