Thursday, March 8, 2012

Holy crap I suck at this!!




Anywho... the  month of February disappeared... has anyone seen it?

I went to FL to prepare for the Miami Boat Show with my friends at "Statement Marine".

Total. Blast.

Caitlyn and I at the boat show.

Have you ever heard of "Guy Harvey"? He was there!!

That is Caitlyn's mom, Priscilla, and brother, Owen. He's the cutest thing ever!!

I got to go to my favorite night club ever!! MANSION!! I love this place... their performers mesmerize me!

We were walking to dinner down Lincoln Rd in Miami and this dog was the "security guard" at this boutique! Adorable!!

Beautiful beach!!

I love my new Mizzou Tervis tumbler... we may or may not have brought our own wine to the pool. :-)

POKER RUN!! We did the first run on Thursday. (More time in the Keys!)

We rode with a friend back to the lunch stop on Friday in his 50' Outerlimits. A couple million dollar boats in this picture!

Me in my lil' red bikini!

I spent three weeks in Florida... one week in the Tampa Bay area, another week in Miami, and then the last part in Islamorada. It was definitely not a "vacation" though... I like to call it "glorified work".

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