Monday, April 29, 2013

Hello, Ay!

I'm baaaaack... from CANADA!

Yep you heard that right. I went to Winnipeg, Canada last Friday the 19th and I got home the 26th.

Although it was a work trip, it was very enjoyable.

besides the cold weather... that sucked

It got cold then snowed then got warm and then rained and the weather just could not make up it's mind... just like Missouri. haha

On our way up we got pulled over and "shut down". Typical. We are sneaky though (law-abiding-sneaky) and got back on the road in no time.
It's the real deal... By USA!
The view from our hotel.
Why did I agree to this?
We were in Winnipeg for a demonstration that was scheduled for only one day but Tyson had to fly to Victoria for two nights while we were there. This gave me plenty of time to...
1. Shop
2. Lust over stuff I can not afford
MacBook Pro, you will be mine!
and 3. Eat good food
and shop more... I got this sweet leather jacket that I am OBSESSED with!
My first Mac Paint Pot!
I also had time to get my lazy ass on the treadmill. That was fun and all (not) but what made it even funner was watching Sean shake it like a stripper.
I even lifted a little... first time working out in about a month. Thank you nose surgery!
All that hard work paid off when I... drank some booze?
wait, what?
I like Canadians. They get straight to the point.
Our hotel had a really nice pool... so I graciously went for a swim.
Tyson and I decided that you are not in Canada if you can not see three Tim Horton's from where you are standing.
These donut/coffee shops are EVERYWHERE!

So that was my little Canadian adventure! Since I've been back I've done around 15 loads of laundry, donated a truck full of stuff to Goodwill, and listed about 30 items on Craigslist. Trying to purge! We have way too much crap and it drives me NUTS!

Happy Monday!

Today would have been my dad's 69th birthday. I sure miss him!

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