Friday, July 19, 2013

Confessional Friday: Guilty Pleasures

Aloha ladies! Today is Confessional Friday: Guilty Pleasure edition. Let's get to it!

-Sales. When I see a sale and I know I am going to get something for next-to-nothing, I will buy it. 
The VS Semi-Annual sale. Oops.

-Bathing suits. Holy shit I can not stop buying swim suits. I have held off for almost a week but I'm about to give in for this one:

-Dogs. If I see a dog out in public, I pet it. I love all animals but dogs are my favorite!
Bonzai, my ride-or-die lil dog man.

-Balloons. I love balloons. Get me a balloon and I'll be happy all day.
In college, my boyfriend filled my apartment with balloons. We waited about a week before we popped them all.

-Giving gifts. I just love the feeling when I give someone they like and can use.

-Dolphins. I love real life dolphins, not silly dolphin figurines. I love to see them swim and jump. They are so graceful and beautiful!

Well that it for my guilty pleasures. Go link-up with Leslie and share yours!

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