Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Easy Valentine's Day Gift Wrapping

As we all know Valentine's Day is right around the corner. And we also know that I am obsessed with wrapping gifts. So here is my take on Valentine's Day gift wrapping!
After Christmas I loaded up on wrapping paper but instead of buying all of the Christmasy stuff, I bought the solid colors and prints that could be used all year. So to make it festive for Valentine's Day I taped Hershey's kisses to the gifts!
I placed the kisses on the gift in the shape that I liked... a heart, of course. And then I just rolled the tape and  cut the pieces in half so that I could tape two kisses and the tape wouldn't show on the sides of the kisses.

I think this is a cute and easy way to wrap a Valentine's Day gift. Especially if you don't want to load your loved-one up with candy and chocolate. This way they just have a few little pieces of candy to munch on... not a huge bag full of sugar. Plus, it adds some dimension to the gift which I really like.
So grab some paper and kisses and get to wrapping!

Happy Tuesday!

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