Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

My Memorial Day weekend was amazing! We left last Wednesday and flew to Miami for a long weekend of boating. Thursday Tyson and I worked on Freedom all day long. That is one of the most un-glamorous parts of boating, but it is worth it!

The next day we looked at a boat that Jim (Jim is our friend who owns Freedom) is thinking about buying. It was one of the few opportunities to wear something that I wouldn't be sweating my ass off in.

One of my favorite parts of visiting Miami with our friend is that we don't stay in a hotel. We stay on his boat at Miami Beach Marina.
Sunglasses: Old Navy
Romper: Old Navy
Necklace: Old Navy
Wedges: Ugg
Purse: Louis Vuitton

After the looking over the boat, we jumped on Freedom for lunch.
Bathing Suit: Luli Fama

Then that evening we went to Prime Fish for some amazing seafood. I think I ate my weight in oysters.

Saturday we went to Gilbert's. It's a restaurant about 50 miles south of Miami in Key Largo.

After lunch we went back to Mr. Happy to shower and go to the Miami Heat game.

I had a little fun with my cotton candy.

Me, Felicia, and Jim

The Heat game was so much fun! Plus they won!!

On Saturday we went to Nixon Sandbar. We took both boats so we anchored Mr. Happy and made ourselves comfortable!
I was so excited. I got to go on my first dinghy ride!

My friend Yvonne made a video of our sandbar fun!

Sunday night we just relaxed and had a nice dinner at Monty's.

Monday we got up early to look at the boat Jim wants to buy again. I think he's getting serious!
The boat is beautiful and is definitely and upgrade from Mr. Happy so I am not opposed to this purchase!

When we arrived back to the marina we noticed the fishing boat was slicing up their daily catch. It was a 160 pound swordfish. They gave us some fillets to have for dinner. Talk about fresh!

That was a perfect ending to our weekend in South Beach! Great dinner with great company.

Tuesday we got up bright and early to a beautiful rain storm. I love rain. It's so calming!
Bye Mr. Happy!
Lucky for us, Jim offered to fly us home in his plane. Flying private is so much less stressful than flying commercial so I obviously said yes!

We got home yesterday afternoon and now we have one week to prepare for our next trip: the Jacksonville River Rally poker run. Talk about being busy! Whew!


  1. The oysters and private plane are making me super jealous!!!!! Did something sink while you were there? What is the black thing in the middle of the slip in the rain picture?!?!


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