Friday, July 11, 2014

Confessional Friday: A Day in the Life

Today, my friends, is Confessional Friday. But not just any Confessional Friday. Today Leslie requested a "Day in the Life" version of CF. I decided I would just record what would happen during my Thursday (yesterday).

I might add that not every day of my life is like this, but this is pretty typical. Unless we are traveling and then that is a whole other story.

So here ya go!

8:30 Wake up and see how the weather is going to be
Go to the bathroom
Take out my Invisalign
Feed Boo Boo
Make coffee
Attempt to give Boo Boo his medicine before we go to the vet
Go in office and work until 9:30
Take a shower
Brush my teeth and then put my Invisalign back in
Switch over laundry
10:00am Take Boo Boo to Vet
At the vet until 10:30
Go home
Hang up laundry
10:45 go back in to office
Write paychecks
Check email
Blog a little
11:30 get in the boat and clean it out
Help Tyson fix boat
12:00 make sandwiches lunch
Take out my Invisalign
Do more laundry
Call the vet to check on Boo Boo
Brush my teeth and put Invisalign back in
Go to the bank
Organize t-shirt order
2:09 start working on business taxes
2:37 still working on taxes
2:57 stillllll working on taxes
3:05 start working on payroll
3:21 still doing payroll
3:30 vacuum my office
3:40 try to fix stuff that is wrong in Quickbooks
4:00 patched the stuff that was wrong in Quickbooks and then pay monthly taxes
4:11 call the state of Missouri about some withholding info
4:12 lose my shit on the phone with some bitch who was insanely rude to me
4:13 call a different number and wait for someone to answer
4:32 talked to someone who knows what they are talking about
4:33 call a different number and lose my shit on someone else
4:45 forget that I have to go to the bank and post office before 5pm
4:50 rush to bank and call Tyson. Find out I have to pick Boo Boo up before 5pm.
4:51 call the vet and find out she has no idea what is wrong with Boo Boo but he is highly sedated and I need to pick him up at 5:20.
4:55 finish at bank and drive to post office
4:59 drop mail off at post office and head to Starbucks for my free drink
5:09 get my free drink from Starbucks and then drive to the vet
5:20 pick up Boo Boo and take him home
5:22 let him out of his kennel and freak out because he can't walk right and is acting really weird
5:36 text Mallory and ask her if this is normal
5:36-6:05 sit upstairs and watch Boo Boo to make sure he doesn't hurt himself
6:06 go to my office to do some work and start bawling because I'm sad Boo Boo is sick and I'm an emotional wreck
6:10-6:39 get a little bit of work done
6:45 go back in the house to check on Boo Boo
Switch laundry over
take my Invisalign out
7:15 go downstairs and make a sandwich for dinner
Talk to Tyson on the phone
7:30 sit down in my favorite recliner and watch YouTube videos
8:22 stilllll sitting here thinking about eating some leftover birthday cake
8:28 play some Words With Friends while watching YouTube
8:30 Tyson walks in the door with McDonald's (damn him)
8:35 eat some cake
8:40 go upstairs to check on Boo Boo. He jumped off the bed and slammed in to the door. Not fun.
8:45 wash my face, brush my teeth, and put my Invisalign back in
9:00 go back downstairs to clean up the kitchen
9:08 text Melissa and Lydia to let them know Boo Boo is sick. They are my "cat people".
9:10 go out in the shop to see what Tyson is working on
9:11 he's working on a transmission... a smelly transmission
9:36 go back in the house and go upstairs for bed time
9:38 quietly climb in bed so that I don't startle Boo Boo
9:53 realize my sneaky bed entrance was unnecessary because Boo Boo is hiding downstairs somewhere
10:09 watch TV/playing on the computer in bed
10:30ish finally fall asleep

So that my friends was my day on Thursday, July 10th. Riveting, eh?


  1. Awwww!! Poor Boo Boo - how is that sweet kitty today??

    1. Boo Boo is doing better today. He's had two whole cans of food and he isn't hissing at us and hiding anymore! (Quick question: are you Karen Ward from Grand Lake, OK?)

  2. Hi! I don't blog but I like to blog hop & came across yours today. In writing because I read you wear Invisalign. In getting my first set of slingers at the end of the month. Do you mind blogging about your Invisalign experience. I have so many questions & would appreciate hearing from someone who had firsthand experience

  3. BTW Hope your kitty is feeling better!

  4. I just saw all your Invisalign posts. It was ver helpful to read. One question so far: Did you need to have a mild taken of your mouth for the refiners?

  5. I just read all your Invisalign posts. It was very helpful to read about your experience.

    1. Sorry I'm just now responding! I'm glad you found my Invisalign posts. Let me know if you have any questions about anything specific. Thanks for reading!

  6. Awww! These 'day in the life' posts are so fun to read!
    If you ever want to change it up, a friend of mine and I brought back a 5 on Friday link up.
    It was pretty hot last week with over 150 entries. That's a lot of potential new readers for you!! We'd love to have you too!
    Hope you're having a great week so far! :)


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