Monday, August 15, 2016

Our Wedding Day... The Ceremony

We removed the furniture that was in the living room and replaced it with gold chiavari chairs for the ceremony.
Since we had a small guest list we decided against having ushers and instead had our mom's escort one another down the aisle.
I made this sign for Sam to carry. He knocked it out of the park!

Tyson and I did not want to do a candle or sand unity ceremony. I thought about it for quite a while and did some research and found this great unity ceremony where each person ties a piece of rope in to a fisherman's knot also known as a "true lover's knot".
"The true lover’s knot is a simple and clear knot, implying its forthright goal. It is made up of two overhand knots, linked together, much like the “true-lovers” are in their hearts. This knot is the strongest knot known and can withstand thousands of pounds of pressure without coming untied, thus it symbolizes that even through diversity and stress a couples love will grow stronger and not unravel!"

Tyson's cousin was bawling his eyes out so we were all laughing at him so Tyson's sister Neely was consoling him. It was adorable!
We had a quick receiving line prior to the wedding party taking photos. It was the perfect way to get everyone outside for a group photo.
These are a few of my favorite photos from the whole day.

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