Monday, April 16, 2012

I might be slightly, incredibly, overly EXCITED

So as most of you readers (all 9 of you) know, my boyfriend and I do a lot of traveling! We have an event in Lake Havasu City, NV coming up soon. The event is the Desert Storm Poker Run. It draws boaters from all over the country to see the unique scenery of the Nevada lakes.

Lake Havasu is only two hours away from Las Vegas so Tyson asked if I wanted to go there. I have never been to Las Vegas so I said "YES!!". I, of course, started researching "Top Ten Things to do in Las Vegas" and other corny stuff like a typical tourist would do. And then I remembered that Holly Madison's Peep Show is in Vegas.

i. love. holly. madison.

always have.

always will.

I expressed much interest in seeing her show and Tyson loves Cirque Du Soleil so I thought those would be two great shows to see on my first trip to Vegas.

With that being said, I know those shows are expensive so I didn't push him to buy tickets.

But the dear sweetheart he is, surprised me!! He bought tickets to both shows in literally, the front row!!!

I am soooooo excited!!!

So to top it all off, last night I tweeted Holly.... AND SEE REPLIED!!! AHHHHHH!!!!

I love Holly. She is so sweet, funny, and beautiful! I can't wait to see her up-close-and-personal-in-real-life!!!

I'll get pictures. :-)

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  1. Have fun!!! Does Tyson want to pack a newborn and myself along for the ride? Im sure he would hardly notice us! Ha!


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