Monday, April 9, 2012

Organization Tip!

I'm an organization FREAK! I mean it's serious. I have friends who call me to help them unpack and organize their new homes. Heck, I have had friends of friends call for help! The funniest thing is two or three years later I'll get random phone calls from these ladies and they will say:

"Hey Tristan, do you know where my heart shaped cake pan is?"

and I say

"Yes, it's in the bottom cabinet on the far right behind your fondue maker."

So here is a fun little organization tip for your bathroom! I like to display certain cosmetics that I use regularly like my lipglosses. Those little guys roll around too easy so I needed to contain them!

Here we have the Lipgloss Containing Device.
Shaving Cream Lids

They're fun colors and easily fit three or four lipglosses! I have these displayed on a shelf beside the counter and sink. It keeps them from rolling off the shelf and I can easily see what I have to choose from!

It's easy and FREE! Well if you buy shaving cream it's free. Don't steal the lids off shaving cream, ladies! Lol

Now go dig in your trash for that last bottle of shaving cream and pull that lid off!


Well not really. I would.


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