Thursday, September 19, 2013

Winner Winner, CLARISONIC!

Boy am I one naughty blogger! I haven't posted in a month and some BIG THINGS have happened. I have been so busy! I'll catch you guys up on that stuff later, though. Today I am devoting this whole post to thanking one of my favorite bloggers, Shasta Anne! I won her giveaway for a Clarisonic!
She announced the winner on August 25. I was out of town AND my stupid iPhone wasn't connecting to my gmail account so I wasn't getting some of my emails. Then she commented on my Birthday Wishlist post telling me again that I had won. (I'm a horrible giveaway winner, I know.)

I finally saw her comment and e-mail when I got home on the 26th. I can assure you I was ECSTATIC! I was sitting in my office screaming


The guys were like "What is a Clarisonic?"

And my dumbass replies "It's this face-scrubber thing that vibrates!!!"

and they say "You won a vibrator!?"

ummmmm... kind of?


I was so very happy that I won. I have wanted a Clarisonic for a few years and have struggled with whether to buy one for myself or put it on my wishlist for Christmas or my birthday. The stars must have aligned because winning one is way better!

When I got it in the mail, I was pretty happy.
Shasta packaged it so beautifully with a glittery "T" and pretty tissue paper.
I got to choose between the MIA in white, teal, mango, or pink OR the MIA 2 in white. I selected the MIA 2 in white.

I have been using it about every other day and I can definitely feel my face is cleaner than just washing it with a cleanser. And so far I haven't experienced that "Clarisonic breakout phase". My acne is hormonal so I don't think it will really help with that but it will definitely keep me looking fresher and promote new cell turnover which is great for me since I have oily skin.

Again, big thanks to Shasta! This is one of my absolute favorite birthday presents!

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