Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Last Two Weeks in Photos

Oh hey there! Let's do this really quick so I can get back on track with the regular antics around here.

Baby Kitty is still name-less but he fits in pretty well as my office cat.

 Boo Boo is still truckin' along. His birthday was August 9th and he turned 14 years old.

A few Saturday's back (August 16th) Tyson, Neely, Jefferson, Sam and I went to a German beer festival in Freistat, MO. The food was delish-- bratwurts, sauerkraut, and traditional potato salad. And beer... looooots of beer.
 Turns out carnies are not very good photographers.

Then the next weekend was the Shootout. AKA the greatest week of the whole year.
 The turnout for Supercat Fest was great!
 And yes... this is me actually racing in the Shootout. I did 80mph!
 Pink helmet and pink life jacket, of course!
It was soooo HOT.
But there were a lot of people there!
  The Wednesday after the Shootout was my birthday. I might have done a little shopping... oops. I found this absolutely awesome bright pink/coral top at Cavendar's and
And I've been dying to get some cute cowboy boots but NONE OF THE CUTE ONES FIT ME. I have a really high arch and wear a size 9 or 10 usually. I literally could not get on a boot that didn't have a side zipper. Then as I was leaving I spotted these and fell in love. They are a riding boot style with the western snip-toe which is sort of unique.
 For my birthday dinner we went to the Japanese steakhouse. It was very yummy!
Birthday outfit!
Like I said... I LOVE that top!
 And my birthday cake was pretty bad ass!
I got some pretty neat prezzies, too!
Neely gave me this awesome anchor bracelet by Kiel Patrick James.
And Tyson got me some cute workout gear!
On Labor Day I went to the Lake to see my mom and my baby boy Bonzai.
And on Saturday I went to Mallory's dads 60th birthday party. It was fun to see so many people from my home town.

And of course I went boating...

So that's pretty much what I've been up to. Obviously there was some work in there. Now that our busy season of boating and traveling is over for a little bit, this place should get back to normal. I've got some posts I am excited to do about makeup, hair, and clothes so look out for those soon!
Happy Thursday.

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  1. So even though the carnie pic is TERRIBLE, we all look pretty great. Share?


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