Friday, September 5, 2014

Weekly Roundup

Megan over at Style Me Swanky does a weekly roundup pretty regularly and I was inspired. She has a cute picture at the top then writes short little bits of info that come to her mind so I am going to follow suit.

Here goes!
Football season is among us. Mizzou Tigers, baby!

Yesterday I got two "shirt dresses" at Target similar to this one. I got both in a grey color thinking they would look cute with some tall boot socks and my new Ariat's. Unlucky for me I got them both in the wrong size.

I'm anxiously awaiting my Sleek makeup purchase to arrive. I have heard so much about their blushes. I got a 20% off coupon last weekend so I ordered some stuff!

This week has been an interesting transition from Summer for me. Usually I don't even notice when Fall comes around but since school started I have been picking up one of Tim's daughters from school. It's unusual for me to have a specific time of the day that I need to be somewhere. But I like it!

This weekend is one of my favorite poker runs in Lake Cumberland, KY. I was so sad that we couldn't go. (You have to reserve a houseboat and they are booked up for years or stay with a friend.) But then last minute a friend told us to come out and that they had room for us on their boat. I was double-bummed. We are just too busy with work right now.

Speaking of work... I have been completely enthralled with getting our books to-the-cent-perfect. This last week I have been using Quickbooks more than Facebook and I am finally making some progress and learning some new tricks. Funny how that works!

I was interviewed this week by Boating Magazine about my run in the Shootout. I am pretty excited to see how the story turns out. And after a little research it looks like I am the fastest female to run in the Shootout in a boat by herself! Cool!

I got Baby Kitty one of these. It's supposed to simulate the cat's instinct to hunt and prevent over-eating and obesity. Here is a video on a cat using it.

So that's my weekly roundup! I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. Love changing it up.
Happy Friday!

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