Friday, October 24, 2014

Confessional Friday

Thank the good Lord that Leslie hosts this great link-up or else I might never talk to you guys.
Life. And all your random fly-balls.
// I confess that we are leaving next Wednesday for Miami and Key West. But when I say we are leaving next Wednesday I mean that's the day we thought we were going to leave until the guy that has one of the boats told us that the boat won't be ready to be picked up till Monday. But he told us last week it would be ready this Saturday. So now all our plans for a smooth, non-chaotic departure are GONE. Which basically means I'm going to be a huge ball of stress until we finally do leave... whenever that is.

// I confess that we are going to be gone for TWO WEEKS. Who in the hell leaves their house/family/pets for two weeks!? Me. Why me? Because my boyfriend likes to rip all forms of stability out from underneath me and lock me in a car for long road trips to FL. Oh well. At least our hotel for most of the trip is a 72' Hatteras.

// I confess that I didn't decorate for Halloween and I'm not sad about it. It has been very warm here in SW Missouri for the last few weeks (until yesterday) and I just would not accept that it is "fall". I don't want to wear boots and jeans. I want to wear flip flops and shorts! Good thing I'm going to FL next week!

// I confess that I think the new season of Kendra On Top is all fake. I just find it very odd that they were not in the tabloids for a few years for anything and then BAM, Hank cheats on Kendra with a transgender while she's 8 months pregnant and it's all caught on camera? Uhhh no.

And that's all for today, folks. I will just leave you with this picture of me jumping in a muddy puddle.
Happy Friday!

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  1. Came over from A Blonde Ambition...I totally agree with you that it's not time for "fall" yet! Up in Nebraska it's been feeling like June lately and I'm perfectly fine with that! Thanks for posting!


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