Friday, November 21, 2014

Confessional Friday

Guess what day it is!?

Confessional Friday!

Yup! My only form of communicating with y'all.

I'm kidding... but seriously.

I'll just confess what has happened in the last month.

// I did a Halloween themed photo shoot like I was talking about here. It was fun to dress up in a costume and not look like that adult trick-or-treating freak with no kids.

// We went to Miami and Key West for nearly two weeks. We were gone away from home for 13 FREAKING DAYS. But I won't bore you with 324,759,323 pictures, I'll just give you this pretty sunset shot.

// And while we were gone our precious Boo Boo got very weak and sick. We got a call five days before we were supposed to be home that he wasn't doing well. We had a friend stay all weekend at the house with him and our vet made multiple home visits to try to make him more comfortable until we got home but he just didn't make it. We had him put to rest on November 9th... just two days before we got home. RIP sweet Boo Boo kitty.

// The weekend after we returned home was Tyson's nephews 3rd birthday party. His sister went all-out with the construction theme so I followed suit! It was so much fun, even for the adults!

// One of my best friends, Justine, delivered her baby. Teagan, has an omphalocele which is a condition where the umbilical cord doesn't close around the baby's belly properly and multiple organs grow outside of the baby's body. I went up on Monday and spent two days with her and Teagan. They are both doing well but they need all the prayers they can get. Teagan is in the NICU and will be staying there for quite some time.

// And finally... today we leave for a little family va-ca to Branson. We did this last year and it was a lot of fun so I'm excited that we are making it a tradition.

I promise I will get in to a better routine around here. I have a lot of great posts I want to share but other things have taken the time from me. That's life, right!?

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