Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mini Mall Haul and Randoms...

Howdy HOOOOO Ranger Joe!
I love Full House!!

Anywho. I went to the mall yesterday! Exciting stuff, let me tell ya. Thanks for the bargains, Labor Day!

Yankee Candle $1.00 votives sale!

I had a 20% off coupon... ooooooh yeeeeaaahhh

Yes I went to Hot Topic. Skull scarf and set of leopard print and black bows.

Rose gold ring, silver hoops with white detail, gold and rhinestone earrings.

Sometimes when I go to the mall I "restrict" myself to a a small budget. It's a game for me to stay within a certain dollar amount. I like the challenge!

Now for the random stuff...
Started the Hurricane Party off with a Spiked Cherry Limeade from Cheddar's.

Got my birthday present from Mallory in the mail...
I LOVE Buxom lipgloss.
Best. Lipgloss. Ever.
She got me "Katie".

When I was driving home from the mall, there was a gorgeous sunset.
Don't mind the bird shit in the top left corner.

Oh and I discovered that a wine bottle fits perfectly in the cup holder in my new car.
I was pretty worried about that!
(Kidding you guys. I'm not an alcoholic and I don't play one on TV either.)

Oh and today we went to Lowe's.

So that's it for my mini mall haul and rando post. It' rained all day Friday and Saturday so I decided not to go to the lake for Labor Day. Looks like a lot of my other friends did, too.
That way they can't have fun without me! :-P


  1. I am getting excited for fall candles too!



    1. I can't get enough of my Harvest Welcome candle! Love it!! Thanks for reading!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! I haven't worn it yet. I'm waiting for the perfect outfit!


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