Saturday, September 15, 2012


Actually, double ugh.

My dad had surgery yesterday. They rerouted his intestines to a new spot in his stomach, put in a feeding tube, a drain, and a port for chemotherapy. Unfortunately, they could not remove the tumor. I'm at the hospital with him now. He looks so weak and he can barely talk. His throat is very sore and has has a nasogastric tube. He's soooo sleepy from the morphine. Today his nurse is Amanda. She's going to try to get him out of bed and give him a bath. He needs to get up and build some strength but he's just so tired.

I'm trying to stay positive throughout all of this. I get teary-eyed a lot but mostly I just want to do whatever I can to help. I hate seeing him like this and I know he doesn't like me to see him so weak, but I also know he likes to have me and mom here with him.

The surgeon said he has stage four cancer. I've been reading online about other people who have gone through this and there is not a lot of information. The cancer is very rare.

Please keep him in your prayers!!


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