Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy Saturday!

What a great day so far!
I slept in, watched some TV, made my bed, drank a cup of coffee, ate an eggy sandy, and finished making Dixie's website.

Speaking of building websites... did you know you can use Blogger to build business websites? I've built three now! Let me know what you think... I built this one for my stylist, Dixie.

 It was really easy and actually really fun to create!

Oh and Dixie did my nails with the new shellac system. What do you think? Have you tried it yet?
I chose this bright coral since I'm going to Florida!

Guess what?
Tomorrow I leave for Miami/Key West!
I gotta get up bright and early, drive to Joplin, pack (ugh), then catch my flight and head to Miami!

Packing... ugh...
Am I the only one who hates to pack? It really stresses me out. I am not the type of person who can pack one outfit per day so I end up with waaaaay too much stuff. I am going to try really hard to limit myself on what I bring. One carry-on and one checked bag. Pray to baby Jesus my checked bag doesn't weigh more than 50 pounds!

So who else has started their Christmas shopping?
I made a little list of some "must buy" gifts for a few family and friends... and then of course I had to start making my Christmas Wishlist!

So far my list consists of a few Sigma makeup brushes...
 F80 Flat Kabuki, F05 Small Contour, E25 Blending, and the Travel Cup Holder

Mini Bailey Button Black Uggs

aaaaand that's it so far...

Before I go I want you to see this pic that made me LOL
Haha!!! Isn't that so funny!!

Oh and today is day three of my 30 Days of Thanks link-up! Feel free to join me any time!!

Day 3: I am thankful for my dad. He has taught me so much about life. He helps guide me through new experiences so I don't make the same mistakes he has made. The passed few months he has been fighting cancer and I continue to thank God for everyday he is with us!

(and right now he is sitting in his recliner, taking a nap, and snorrrrrring away! Lol!)

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