Sunday, November 4, 2012

Three Favorite Makeup Products for $1.00 or Less

Hello lovelies!
I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off getting ready to leave for MIAMI!!! Sooo I wrote this last night and decided I would try out this "scheduled post" thing. I've never done this before!
You probably aren't as excited as I am...


I've been thinking about this post for quite a while now. I have a few makeup products that I bought on a whim and have turned out to be the most fabulous products EVER. I use these products EVERY DAY!

First Favorite Makeup Product for $1.00 or Less
Oh. Em. Gee.
This powder is $0.79.
It does pretty amazing things with my cray-cray brows.
See Exhibit 1-3
Pic 1: This is what my eyebrows look like when I wake up. Crazy, unruly eyebrows. Drives me nuts.
Pic 2: Eyebrows after using that sweet powder. I use the ELF Defining Eye Brush to apply the powder to the thicker part of my brows and then I use the EcoTools Angled Eyeliner Brush for the narrow part.
Pic 3: My eyebrows after I put on my

Second Favorite Makeup Products for $1.00 or Less
 This mascara holds my brows in place all day. It is not too wet and does not soak my brows with mascara like other clear mascaras. It is the perfect consistency to hold each hair in place!
And it's only a dollar!

My Third Favorite Makeup Product for $1.00 or Less is
This is the only eyeliner I use for my top lash-line anymore. It is the most amazing felt-tip eyeliner. It does not crease or smear and it has terrific color payoff. And it lasts alllllll day!

I get my ELF products from Target but you can order them from the website, as well. Sign up for their newsletter because they are always having really great sales!

So do you have any great beauty products that are $1.00?
Please share!!

And for my 30 Days of Thanks link-up...
 Day 4: Today I am thankful for my mom. She is very intelligent, loving, and always worried about me... like a normal ma! She has been taking amazing care of my dad... feeding tubs, dressing changes, IV bags... all of which are things a nurse would usually take care of. She took the initiative and learned how to do everything so my dad could be comfortable at home. Thanks mom! Love you!


  1. thanks for the ideas! i am going to have to pick up the brow powder.


  2. I nominated you for a Liebster Blog award! Check out my post! =)


    1. Thanks girl! I wrote my post here:

  3. I love the ELF products. I haven't tried the waterproof eyeliner pen but I use the cream liner in black. It goes on soooo smoothly and I never have problems with it smudging or coming off....which I was completely surprised by.

    I also love ELF tinted moisturizer and their lipstick pens. I think some of these products might be $3 but so worth it.

    1. Yes I love ELF, too! So affordable and it actually WORKS! Lol


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