Thursday, January 3, 2013

14 in 2013

because I feel like being an over achiever...

Here are my resolutions for 2013.
Some people call them "goals", others make a list of stuff they would like to "accomplish"...


it's all the same to me.

It's a friggin list of crap you wanna get done, and you only have 365 days to do it.

Let's get started!

Sailor? Yep that's me.

I have a deviated septum. It makes for some crappy sleep, a runny nose, and difficult breathing when I am running. Time to get it fixed!

Sunshine is lagging in the Follower department. Time to put myself out there and grow, baby, grow!

I am am average at best at doing my eye shadow. I have great tools, but I just can't get a good smoky eye.

yes that's my back
I have these two moles beauty marks (eww. i hate the word "mole") on my back that I have had forever. They are annoying and they need to go!

I'm lazy and need to run more. Running a 5k is a great, obtainable goal.

Time to spend a couple G's on some orthodontic work.

I have tons of stuff I need to sell but I can't ever get a good photo... photos are everything when it comes to eBay or Craigslist. I need to spend about $150 to get a decent set-up.

Time to sell my old car. Right now the 'rents are driving it while my dad is going back-and-forth to the doctor for treatments, but sometime this year, I need to sell her.
anyone interested in a 2006 Sonata?

Every time I find myself with a $5 dollar bill, I am going to put it away for savings. At the end of the year, I will deposit them all.

I need to spend more time with my loved ones. Especially my dad. I must stop taking time for granted.

I have two tubs full of hotel shampoos and stuff. Plus the cabinet under the sink is stocked full of stuff. Time to use it all up!

I don't have a lot of debt, but having a credit card balance is just ridiculous, in my opinion. Mine is low enough that I need to just pay it off!

Everyone should be more awesome this year!

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