Thursday, January 10, 2013

Saw It. Pinned It. Did It... Peel-N-Stick Cabinet Floors

Today I am linking up with Steph at BEAUtiful mess! Every Thursday her and Katie at Keep Calm & Carry On do a link-up for Pinterest projects!

Let's jump right in to this!

I saw this on Pinterest:

So I ran down to the local cheap flooring store and bought some vinyl tiles so I could do it, too!

Hello beautiful-under-sink-cabinet space!

ummmm yuck?
I know, right? Gross!
You can tell I place a high priority on this specific cabinet... NOT!
Considering my sweet hunny...
1. Painted the interior of the cabinets black... making for absolutely ZERO light reflection so you NEVER know what might jump out at you...
2. Is insanely obsessed with running wires through anything he can drill a hole in.
3. Is also obsessed with this yellow foamy crap called "Great Stuff".

This had to change... I am losing valuable cabinet space!

I got a box of 12 18" tiles for $15.00 at our local wholesale flooring store. I wanted solid white peel-n-stick but the lightest color they had was a light stone color.

I also bought a cabinet door shelf at Lowe's for $8.77.

How I did it...
Empty the cabinet
Vacuum-out all the disgusting foreign objects
Scrape the bottom of the cabinet in case anything has stuck to it that didn't vacuum up
Vacuum that crap up
Clean the entire cabinet with some sort of disinfectant
Test-fit your tiles
Cut to fit
Slap those babies in place

Shiny new cabinet floors!
Easy to clean... brightens the cabinet... only takes 5 minutes!!



  1. wow! such a nice improvement :) I've never seen this but love the idea of it!!

    thank you for linking up with us!


  2. Ooooh lovely!!! I like! Way to go! Thank you for linking up with us!!


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