Friday, January 4, 2013

"Last Wash" Tutorial

I have a slight obsession with doing laundry. Like... big time. I will wash everything in sight if I'm in the right mood. That mood is just about every other day. Nobody needs to wash their curtains three times a week, yo! So I created a little dry-erase board to keep track of the last time I washed certain items.

It's so easy. You only need a few items.

Duck tape... preferably the new, hip, printed kind
Two "Medium" 3M hanging strips
Dry Erase Marker
Two report covers like this:
(clear, thick plastic... also used for projectors... like back in high school note taking days)

Let's get started!

I chose the five things that I find myself always wondering
"When was the last time I washed this?"

Bed Sheets
Pillow Cases
Bathroom Rugs
Cat Food Mats
Throw Blankets

and then I typed up a pretty little Word Document with some dot leaders...

I put that aside, then taped together two pieces of plastic. Leave one side open so you can slide your paper in and out.
Take your time on this!

Then I slid my print-out between the two pieces.
Next we are going to put the 3M strips on the back...
And then slap that baby on the wall!
Now is the fun part... write the date that you washed each item.
I put mine right beside the washing machine.
Works great! I am already using it!!

I considered using a picture frame, but I didn't want to risk it falling off the wall or the washing machine lid hitting it when it's open. If you have more room, a picture frame would look cute!

This is just another way for you to clear your mind of something you can write down really quick. We travel so much and are always on the run so I can never remember when I wash that stuff. Now I will always know!

Have a great weekend!

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