Thursday, January 16, 2014

23 Reasons Why I Can't Get a Damn Thing Done

I have a huge to-do list and I feel like my brain is drowning in ideas, events, things to do, etc. Please tell me I am not alone! Today I started thinking about why I can't manage to get anything done and this is what I came up with...

1. I have an iPhone.
2. I need a pedicure.
4. We are down to 10 rolls of toilet paper so I need to go to Target.
5. Target has 36 clearance racks and I need to go through all of them.
6. Pinterest.
7. Instagram.
8. Makeup tutorials YouTube.
9. It's cold outside.
10. I'm tired.
11. I need more supplies.
12. I have to much to do and I can't focus.
13. I can't drink coffee all day long to keep me energized. (Thanks Invisalign!)
14. Facebook.
15. The Bachelor.
16. Funny cat videos.
17. I'm hungry.
18. I need to get my nails done.
19. I have to take a shower.
20. I need to find a red coffee mug with white hearts on it for Valentine's day.
21. I have a headache.
22. GMA is on TV.
23. I need to pet the cat.

This is just a handful of the crap that I end up doing instead of preparing our taxes or cleaning the kitchen floor.

And in case you were wondering about the funny cat video, here it is...

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