Wednesday, January 29, 2014

As of Lately...

Let's play catch-up!
(Story of my blog.)

I've been going to the gym regularly! Yay for consistency!

Saturday the 18th was Tysons' cousins birthday. We went to El Vallarta and ate mexican food and had margaritas... then we went rollerskating. Wilma and I OWNED that skating rink!
Oh, and I rollerblade. Skates and I don't mesh well.

Then that Sunday we took Tyson's nephews out to one of their friend's motocross tracks. Tyson had not been on a bike since 2008 when he wrecked in a Supercross race and broke his leg. He used to ride pro Supercross so it came back to him pretty quick.

Then last Tuesday I had an orthodontist appointment. Dr. Roblee gave me the rest of my aligners for my initial treatment. Next time I see him (in March) he is going to shape my teeth and they re-scan for revisions. I am so excited. I can't wait to see my new perfect smile!

Last Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I painted our bathroom... purple. This was my inspiration.
 Let me start by saying that sometime before I was in Tyson's life, he painted his entire bedroom, hallway, and bathroom BRIGHT RED. With BLACK trim, ceilings, and doors. Can we say "bachelor pad"? Yes. It was bad.

So... we already have the black cabinets with a white vanity-top. And I knew it was going to be way to big of a job for me to paint the walls, doors, trim, ceiling, etc... so I started looking for colors that would compliment the existing black and white. I found the picture above about four months ago and last week I bit the bullet. I tried 5 SAMPLES of purples. Thank God for paint samples because I was way off with the first two.
(The first two I tried are the top right and middle right.)

I decided to go with the bottom left color.
(Nothing like a picture of a toilet on your blog.)

I like the color a lot!! It's a bit more "purpley" than the inspiration picture but I'm okay with it. I still need to get new baseboards and trim out the shower and the mirror... oh and paint the lightbar. But when it's all done, I'll do a reveal!

Last Saturday was Tyson's birthday! His mom threw him a dinner party at Wilder's. His cousins and their families came and it was so much fun. The Garvin boys sure know how to party!

I got Ty some new goggles but he wouldn't model them so I did!

Then Sunday we went to the motocross track again. The guys had a great time riding...
and I had a great time falling out of this tree-swing...
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Sunday night I babysat this little stud muffin. He's such a doll!

And now we are halfway through the week! Sheesh time flies when you are busy!


  1. You absolutely killing it girl, look at those guns. You look beautiful. Great job on the bathroom, I love the color.

  2. Love the purple you chose for the bathroom!


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