Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Box of Sunshine

If you want to absolutely make someone's day, send them a Box of Sunshine!

Unless said person lives nearby, then just take them a bottle of wine and watch a fun movie with them.

In my case, I couldn't just pop in with wine and a movie so I sent a good friend of mine a box with a bunch of yellow goodies inside.

I might have went a little cray.
 I sent a little note indicating what the items could be used for...

Baby Shampoo to clean your makeup brushes
Hand cream for your dry winter hands
Burt’s Bees chapstick to give you soft lips
Wet Ones for clean hands on-the-go
A loofah to keep you clean
Post-It notes so you remember
A rubber ducky for baby's bathtime
A duck wash cloth to keep baby clean
A giraffe rattler for baby to play with
A candle to make your home smell amazing
Doggy treats for the poochies
Juicy Fruit for yummy breath
Peanut butter cookies for a yummy snack
Starburst for when you are craving candy
Milky Ways for when you are craving chocolate

I made this PDF and printed it on yellow paper and wrapped each goodie individually in yellow tissue paper.

And then I filled the voids with packing peanuts.
Because who doesn't love packing peanuts!?

And then I shipped that baby off without warning so it would be a surprise!

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