Friday, May 18, 2012

Confessional Friday

1. I confess, I hang up my bathing suits. Not just to dry after I wear them, but I put them on hangers in my closet. Yeah... they are just too darn pretty to be shoved away in a drawer. Oh... and I always keep my bikinis tied together so I never end up some where with only half of the set. It works brilliantly.

2. I confess, one of my three email inboxes is completely empty. I mean I don't store any emails in my inbox. I either file them or delete them. I didn't think this was weird until I saw a friends iPhone and they had over 200 emails waiting to be opened. The other two are organized very nicely, but a few messages (less than 10) must stay in the inbox for daily reminders.

3. I confess, I watch "The Nanny" at night when I can't sleep. Fran Drescher is down right hilarious. Now, I will say... back in the 90's when The Nanny first aired, I was not impressed... I was also only 13 years old, but now it's just flat out funny!

4. I confess... I just ate about 20 of those little hashbrown/tator tots from Hardee's. Crap.

That's all I can drum up for Confessional Friday! Have a splendid weekend!!

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  1. hahah I dont think Ive ever heard of someone hanging up their bathing suits before, but hey! Whatever works for ya! :)
    Happy Friday!
    Jenn@ Going the Distance


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