Friday, May 25, 2012

Confessional Friday

I confess... I love to do laundry. Something about the satisfaction of having all of my clothes clean. And sheets... and towels... and rugs... and anything else that I can put in to the washing machine. Oh and I'm a freak about folding things. Must. Be. Perfect.

I confess... I am going to the lake this weekend! I know this may sound weird but I have been so busy and haven't got to spend much time at my home town, Lake of the Ozarks. I am so glad I get to see my lake friends!!
Me and Sierra

I confess... I am so excited to wear my new bikinis this weekend! I have a slight obsession with swimwear. I chalk it up to working on a gas dock for nine years so technically a bikini is my "uniform".

I'm can't wait to rock these two beauties.

I confess... I don't try on my outfits before I wear them. I mean I'll go shopping, pick out some cute pieces, visualize them with other things in my wardrobe, and hope it works out when I pull the trigger and wear them. Sometimes I get stressed out when things don't work together, but I REALLY don't care for trying clothes on and parading around the house to see if they look cute together.

I confess... It's time to hammer down. Gotta get this booty in SHAPE! It's summer and Mallory's wedding is right around the corner!!!!

Adios bloggy people! Have a great weekend and be safe!

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