Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Happy Birth-Month to Me!

Well.. it's August and that means it's my birth-month!


Wait, what?

I should NOT be excited about getting older...

I accept gifts in the form of cash, check, or awesome stuff.

Anywho... anyone else have an August birthday? It really is the best month to be born.
1. There are no holidays in August which means no one can try the "Here's your birthday-slash-Easter gift".
2. When I was in hike-school, I was one of the oldest in my class which translates to I could drive before anyone else which translates to me being more awesome.
3. Also, August is "National Goat Cheese Month" and "Panini Month"... whatever that means.
4. The last weekend in August is the Shootout at The Lake of the Ozarks. This means fast boats come from all over the world to celebrate my birthday with me!

I'll definitely keep y'all posted on how I celebrate my birth-month.

Today I got my first gift from myself. I ordered some crap I don't need from Elf. Couple makeup brushes, some bronzer, blush, highlight, concealer, lip gloss, and some eyebrow stencils so I can see what I look like with eyebrows like this:
Hello, Perfect Eyebrows.
ferking bitch

What did I do last year for my birthday?
Here I'll show you.

We went to Big Dick's and did minnow shots. Yes. Live minnows. You pick your shot of choice and they serve it with live minnows. You fish out a minnow, drop it in your shot glass, and then dump it down your throat.
 It's not pretty...
 But would I do it again? Hell yes!

Last year I hung out with some boat racer friends. Boats make me happy.
 And then we did more shots...
 And then went boating some more!
Yay for birthdays and yay for boats!

The next 31 days will be filled with exciting birthday-related stuff. Don't let that scare you because I could post literally anything.

So if you find yourself at a bar or out to dinner and you need a good excuse to order some alcoholic beverages or feel like you want some dessert, just say:
"We are celebrating Tristan's Birthday-Month so it's okay!"

K, I'll shut up now.

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