Monday, August 20, 2012

My weekend in review

What a busy weekend! We are getting everything ready for the Shootout which means a lot of running around. I had to drive to Springdale, Arkansas on Friday to pick up a bearing for the transmission in the boat then after Tyson rebuilt the tranny, I had to deliver it to Grand Lake, OK Friday evening. Jim (Freedom's owner) met me at the lake, helped me unload the tranny, then we had a great dinner. After dinner I drove back to Joplin.

Saturday I got up at 7am (ugh) and was off to the Lake of the Ozarks by 9am. I delivered a truck to a customer and then went to the Big Thunder Estate Auction. Remember me telling you about the two boat racers that passed away last November in Key West? They owned a marina and a TON of racing equipment... engines, trucks, trailers, toters... you get the point.

Here is a collage in memory of Bob and JT.

Jim flew up from Grand Lake to go to the auction so I met him after I delivered the truck. We then flew down to Grand Lake from Lake of the Ozarks to get Freedom ready for the Shootout.

Here is Party Cove from above:

When we got to Grand Lake we flew over and spotted our friend Delo in his 59' Carver... He's a slight OU fan.

We landed and hopped in Freedom for a shakedown run. We had to make sure our baby was ready to roll at the LOTO!

Some of the locals got together for a Cigarette Meet-n-Greet. (A Cigarette is a brand of boat, not like they were all sittin around smoking cigs. Lol)
We met up with them and hung out for a little while.
Freedom isn't a Cigarette (it's a Skater) but they enjoyed our company.

The sunset was beautiful Saturday night!

Sunday we did a few last minute repairs and then Tyson and I headed back to Joplin.

It was a great weekend! I have two days to prepare everything for the Shootout and my birthday! Wish me luck!!


  1. I love boating! You are so lucky to be able to go out on such cool boats all the time! Looks fun! = )



    1. Boating is my passion!! I thank God every day that I get to enjoy it so often.


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