Friday, August 10, 2012

Congratulations to Caity and Michael!

Today Caity and Michael introduced Emareigh and Anareigh into the world!
Beautiful twin girls!
Michael looks pretty happy!
Caity delivered the girls via c-section. Anareigh weighs 5lbs 7oz and Emareigh weighs 5lbs 4oz.

Caity and I go waaaaay back. She has an older brother that was in my grade and her mom started doing my hair when I was 13. Caity is three years younger than me so when I was a Senior, she was a Freshman. She is like the little sister I never had!

To this day she still plays with my hair at the shop and paints my nails.
Love her.
Lol we are so silly.

Have a great weekend, everyone! The weather in Southwest MO is actually tolerable... 80 degrees!

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