Thursday, August 30, 2012

My new whip...

Pretty sweet, right?


I mean THIS new whip...

This car does everyone but wash the dishes.

Back-up camera...
Awesome gas mileage... (and this is city driving!!)
Touch-screen navigation
XM Radio

This car has this thing called "Blue Link". I can use an app on my iPhone to remote start, roll up/down windows, unlock/lock doors... you get the point.

It has a turbo-charged engine and it's really FAST!

Paddle shifters
Tinted windows
Panoramic roof/moon roof
Heated front and rear seats
Dual temperature control

This car is amazeballs.

I bought my first Sonata in 2008. It was two years old and I got a SMOKIN' deal on it.
I put 70,000 miles on that car in 4 years. I decided earlier this summer that it was time to start car shopping. Tyson and I looked at a few different models but I was so happy with my '06 Sonata, we looked in to the new version.

I had NO clue he was going to get me one for my birthday... better yet a brand new one. (I'm the type to buy used.) I am so happy with this car. It rides like a dream, feels sporty, but has every luxury that a Mercedes would have, only $30,000 cheaper.

So if you are in the market for a new car, definitely look at some Hyundais. They build really great quality cars... comparable to Lexus and Mercedes... but at half the price. Trust me! I love a good bargain!

I am one happy girl.


  1. Beautiful photo's the one sitting in the car and the other standing next to it. Hows the car any updates on it .


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