Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall is definitely here!

Fall is here.
This means pumpkins, soup, sweaters, scarves, and flu shots are among us.
We are allowed to sit around the house in our PJ's all day covered in blankets by the fire.
I do that anyway... minus the fire
We get to enjoy a hot bowl of soup...
 And spend $4.08 on a tall Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks.
Speaking of that... are you freaking kidding me? I went to Target yesterday and got a tall PSL. $4.08 is absolutely RIDICULOUS. I buy the small container of coffee for like $4.00 and can get the PSL Coffeemate creamer for around $4.00... and that makes me like a MONTHS WORTH of PSL's.

I also got this adorbs shirt from Target yesterday.
It is called a hi/low blouse which is what I have been searching high and low for.
I want to wear my leggings but don't want my butt to be displayed and I definitely don't want to risk anyone seeing an accidental frontal wedgie. She wasn't on sale but I just had to have her.
I'll pair her with a black tank, black leggings, my new black Enzo Angiolini riding boots, and my grandma's vintage draped pearls.
Can't. Wait.

Fall also brings on one of my favorite holidays...
Yeeeeah buddy!
in Pauly from Jersey Shore voice
Girls be like "Look at my buttttttt!"
and guys be like "Look at those chicks buuuuuutts!!!!!"
I think I want to be Barbie this year. Throw on some pink eyeshadow, a wig, and a pink dress and stand around like I'm frozen. Easy peasy.
Although I will not opt to have my butt hanging out. It's pretty damn cold on October 31st and I would rather be warm than display my pale butt cheeks.

I want something like this.
And I'm sure Melania would be glad to let me borrow it because that's a dress you just can't wear twice.
So now I think I will hop on eBay and search for some girls old prom dress that I can steal for $20 bucks.
Have a great Thursday, ladies!


  1. you would be a perfect Barbie! love it! and now I'm craving Starbucks....

  2. Starbucks and soups are two of my favorite things about fall! LOVE Melania's pink dress. She should definitely be able to share :)

    1. ME TOO! I love soup... and Starbucks is just a given! And yes Melania needs to share!! Thanks for visiting!

  3. i've heard such great things about the lattes so i may have to go pick one up today! just read your about me and we have the exact same taste in music. love it!

    1. Yes the lattes are DELISH but watch out for those darn calories!

      Oh my gosh! We do have the same taste in music! And we are both indecisive beach lovers! Where have you been all my blog-life?


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