Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Where do I start! RaNdOm PoSt

Last time I posted was last month! Ugh! I suck!! Well anyways I was bitching about not getting my iPhone... well I got it that day. Who said a little bitching never paid off?

Here's a cute lil' outfit I put together for dinner that night (Sept 28 to be exact)
Top: Clearance Forever 21
Tank: Target
Jeans: American Eagle Skinny
Shoes: Charlotte Russe
And yes there is a sock in my hair. That sock helps create the most fab bun ever.

Remember my little rant about how bad Essie sucks? Well that inspired me to buy more RIMMEL polish. I painted those babies on the 30th and I'd call today the end of that manicure. That's 10 days people! TEN!

Still reminiscing on my last post... I ordered an eyeshadow palette and blush palette from BH Cosmetics... I got that shiz the day we left for Albuquerque so that night I took these pics in the hotel bathroom. Classy. I'm having mixed feelings on the products. They have pretty good pigment and "color payoff" or whatever but I think I need to tackle my foundation routine before I can blame my problems on blush and eyeshadow.

This aforementioned Albuquerque trip was Janet, Tysons' moms, idea. Tyson's sister, her husband, and their son (we'll call them NJS) decided to take a family trip to New Mexico. Tyson's mom lived there for quite a long time so NJS wanted to see all the fab things Janet did while she was living in NM. When this became public news (haha), Janet thought it would be fun if we (Me, Tyson, and her) met NJS out in Albuquerque for the Balloon Fiesta. Sounds good to me! Tyson and I were planning on attending the Balloon Fiesta last year but it got rained out. So we planned it so that after NJS did their state tour, they would finish in Alb and we would meet them out there. We left last Thursday afternoon, made it to Amarillo (bathroom floor pic), then drove the rest of the way to Alb on Friday.

Saturday was this thing called the "mass ascension" where a whole bunch of the hot air balloons take flight around 7am. This is apparently one of the most spectacular things to see in person. National Geographic named it in their Best Fall Trips for 2012. Unfortunately, this event brings in hundreds-of-thousands of spectators so traffic SUCKS... which means we have to get up at 5:45am to get anywhere to see this "awesome sight". So Friday night, I put my new iPhone 5 to work and learned how to change the names of my alarms!

Bahaha sorry for the crude language but I thought it was pretty damn funny. With that being said, they canceled the mass ascension that morning because of "high winds". High winds for a hot air balloon are anywhere between 5-15mph which means I could blow out a candle and they might cancel that shiz.

After that crappy deal, we ate a bitchin' breakfast and then went to zoo/botanical gardens where I did some yoga.
Good form? Yeah, NO!

Well after our magical walk through the botanical gardens we got our nap on at the hotel and Tyson put out some ladies car that caught on fire. Typical afternoon for me.

After our mini-crisis of me realizing I left my beloved iPhone charger in Amarillo and us tracking down a "lightning bolt" cord in Alb, we went to this thing called the "balloon glow". It's right at dusk when all of the balloons air up but don't take off. Instead they just burn their mega-huge-torches which makes their balloon glow all pretty and stuff.
Sweet sunset.
Sam dug it.
Saturday night presented the challenge of finding a place to eat dinner. We had a party of 8 and a reservation no where. After calling two-bajillion restaurants, Tyson called the roof-top restaurant at the casino and asked them when their first table would be available. They said "9:30pm." Ummmm NO. We have a munchkin here with a bedtime of 10:00pm. And that's MY bedtime. Sam's is 8:00pm so 9:30 just doesn't work for us! I said "Ask that lady how much money it would take to get us a table NOW." Let's just say I was a little bit impatient after waking up at 5:45. Said said "Come up here to the hostess stand ASAP and ask for Peggy". YES MA'AM! Tyson did just that and it only cost us $25!!! We had a delicious dinner with Albuquerque's #1 Voted Chef and then I hit the sack!

Sunday morning we were begging the wind God's to keep it down for the balloons to ascend and we got our wish! Woke up at 6am and found a big parking lot to see this awesomeness.
 It was pretty cool!

Before we left Alb we ate mexican food one last time and then stopped at Jackalope where I scored all of these awesome beads. Pearls, turquoise, and coral! I'm going to become an old-lady-jewelry-maker. I'll let you know how that goes soon. So far, I have all of my beads organized in to adorable little baggies that satisfy my OCD/Type A needs.

As if that was not enough randomness for you, I will keep going.
I've got to go watch last weeks episode of Jersey Shore so I can be up-to-speed for tomorrows new episode.

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