Sunday, October 28, 2012

My Weekend In Review!

This is what I see when I roll over in the morning...
the sunrise...
over the lake and between the autumn trees.

Saturday I cleaned around the house then headed to Osage to do a little shopping.
I painted my nails with Rimmel "Pink Zinfandel" and then added a silver sparkle stripe to my ring finger.
I found some striping polish at Dollar General and it was totally worth it!

 Coach was having a 30% off sale... people went CRAY in there.
I should have taken a picture while I was inside.

I had an impromptu photoshoot with my friend, Shane. It's so handy having friends who are photographers!
 Outfit of the Day:
Grey and white striped Hollister longsleeve tee I found on clearance last year for $3.80 (STEAL!)
American Eagle skinny jeans
Ugg Bailey Button in Chestnut
Coat is from Victoria's Secret
 I used my deep waver for this "herr-do".

I got some crap at Marshall's and Ross but I forgot to take pics... a few sweater dresses, a backpack, some leggings, and a super cute dog water bowl for Bonz.

When I got home I realized it was Saturday night and I wasn't at a Halloween party, like a loser.
So I had my own Halloween party!

Trick or Treat,
Smell my Feet,
Give me something good to eat!

My mom made a delicious pot of chili that was spicy and amazeballs!

Meanwhile... in Joplin... Tyson went "grocery shopping".
Can't leave that man alone for longer than a few days or else the house turns in to a candy store.

Saturday night I was on Pinterest for three hours and found this picture.
I love this girls:

ugh... pretty people with their perfect skin and stuff

Today I went to Wal-Mart...
(no Target close by... I'm going in to shock)
and saw this...
 Almost five aisles of Christmas decorations...
Too soon?
What do you think?

After my Christmas Decor vs Fall/Halloween Decor meltdown I finished my shopping and got all this stuff...
be jealous

Era for clean stuff...
Jergens for soft skin...
a Glade candle that smells like apples...
(cuz I'm obsessed with apples)
  a wall plate
(which turned in to me re-wiring the whole house...
okay kidding, one outlet...
okay just kidding, had some minor issues changing the wall plate)
a pink long sleeve shirt
(look out for tomorrow's OOTD)
a million Scotch Pop-Up tape refills
(okay only six but they were clearance for $1.50 so I loaded up for X-mas)
and Rimmel "Lasting Finish in 006 Pink Blush"
(for an attempt to look like that chick up above)

When I got home I popped open a bottle of my new favorite beer...
which is my only favorite beer...
because I don't like beer...
except for this stuff...
and Bud Light Lime...
but that is IT!

Tomorrow I am getting my hair done. I love my stylist.
She's a great friend and someone I can always talk to!
This is Dixie with her grand-babies, Emareigh and Anareigh...
 Can't wait to see Dix, the girls, and Cait!
And then afterwards I am heading to Joplin to see my boo and plan for Key West!

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  1. I love your fall outfit your so pretty!

    I have that girl with her beautiful makeup on my Pinterest! Inspires me to do some winged out eyeliner, for sure! ;-)

    I know Christmas stuff everywhere! Lol, I just got some decor at Big Lots for my Christmas door! Some one is buying it early! ;-)

    Have a beautiful week!



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