Saturday, February 23, 2013

Makeup Vanity Room Update!

I am finally making some progress!! I bought the Alex 9 Drawer Unit when I was in Orlando.

I also bought some of these drawer organizers. $1.99, yes please!

 And then last night I ordered the Micke desk! I wanted the solid white desk but it was out-of-stock online and not in any of the stores near me!

Near me meaning 4-5 hours away.
Yes I would have driven that far to buy it.
Yes I am crazy.

So I ordered the white with the birch effect.
If I hate the way it looks with the other solid white furniture then I will just paint it white to match.

I still need to buy the Pax Wardrobe for the crap we store on that ugly wire shelf. I am going to wait to order that after we have the drawers and desk assembled. I want to be 100% sure that it will fit. If my measurements are correct, I think I have 3" of room to spare.

I also found this little mirrored container at TJ Maxx that I could not pass up. It will look so cute on my vanity!

Now I am shopping for paint colors. I know I want something neutral because the hallway outside this room is solid red with black trim. I am thinking something like a greige (grey + beige).


I am going to paint the trim white because I am a white-trim-whore. My mom taught me that white trim is timeless and classic. Tyson painted every square inch of trim in his house BLACK. What is with men and BLACK TRIM!?


After we get the desk and drawers assembled and placed in the room, I am going to buy this lighting.
And a mirror like this.
And then I need a chair!
I think one like this will work...
or this...

or I am just dreaming and I will end up with this...
lmao... kidding...
at least I hope I'm kidding.

I found some new inspirations to keep me going...

That's all for today. Have a great Saturday!!


  1. Your vanity is going to look beautiful! You've got some great inspirational pictures too! Can't wait to see what you'll create!


  2. Have you found a drawer organizer for your micke desk drawers? I can't find any that are the exact dimensions of the inside :(

    1. Yes I use those Variera Cutlery Trays. They fit perfect in the Micke desk drawers depth-wise. They aren't wide enough to fill the whole drawer but I don't mind. They are only about 4" short of fitting the whole drawer.

  3. what do you use in the alex drawers to oranize everything? Thanks

    1. I don't have any organizers or dividers in my Alex drawers. Sorry, I haven't found any I like yet.


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