Friday, February 22, 2013

Welcome to Blogland, Mallory!

Can I get a warm welcome for Mallory and her new blog Memoirs of a Missouri Girl?

clap clap clap YAAAAAYYY

She joined the riot!

I'm so glad Mallory started her blog! Now I can really stalk her every move! ha

Mallory and I go waaaaay back.

We met in 4th grade.
I hated her guts.
She thought I was crazy.
By 5th grade we were best friends.
I basically moved in to her house that year.
6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th grade we were still besties.
11th grade I joined the dance team so we could shake it together.
Continued to shake it through 12th grade.
then we went to college...
Different colleges...
She went to Mizzou and I went to SFCC.
But that didn't stop us!
We had dinner over Christmas break...
I helped her in a pageant...
We went to friends' weddings...
She came to my homecoming...
and then her boyfriend, Seth, proposed!
And she asked me to be her maid-of-honor!
Then last summer I was in her wedding!

plus so much more!!

Lookin friggin sexy in middle school.

Mallory and I at Dixie's... I think she this was the day she went brown for Golden Girl tryouts.

Summer of 2007 we were gas dock attendants at Millstone
...tough job... lol

In '08 I ran for homecoming queen (and lost) but Mal came to support me!

And Mallory won Miss Dogwood a few months later!

Last summer I made her this awesome penis cake for her bachelorette party.

And she got married a few months later!
You will love her... trust me! She is so down-to-earth, honest, caring, and oh-so-sweet. She is in her last year of veterinary school, has an adorable doggy named PJ, and she knows how to castrate horses.
She has an auctioneering-reffing-coaching husband, an eye for fashion, and a Kitchen-Aid mixer. You will want her to be your best friend, too!

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  1. Thanks Boo! I didn't know you had those first few pictures! haha and I kind of like my hair in that picture at Dixie's!


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