Thursday, February 21, 2013

Miami Boat Show and Randoms

Hi friends! It is absolutely disgusting in Missouri right now... apparently we had a thunder-snow-storm. I don't know and I don't care what that means but I do know that I don't like it.
Snow = Gross
Now that it is clear that I don't like snow let's get on with this.

The day my dad passed away I ordered a necklace with his monogram. It came in the mail the day before we left for Florida and I could not be more happy with it. I ordered the 18mm Double Hole Gold Disc with the Vine Interlock font. I also had "1-21-2013" engraved on the back. I absolutely love it and I have worn it every day since I got it.
 We left Friday the 8th and drove all the way to Atlanta. That drive freakin' sucks. We made it to the hotel where we met Chris (the crazy guy that did the Bermuda Challenge with Tyson). He had to rent a car and drive from Virginia Beach because he had to bring a bunch of the gear they use for these world record runs. This "gear" includes life rafts, medical kits, and fuel bladders. Yes I said fuel bladders. I walked in our room and it reeked of diesel fuel. Sweet. I'm gonna get high on diesel all night long!

I was so tired and wanted to go to sleep so bad but I did manage to get a pic of my jewelry dump.
 We made it to Miami on Saturday night. My dear friend Farrah invited us to stay with her and Allan in Coconut Grove. I love staying with friends. It's so much more comfortable than staying in a hotel room. Plus I get to do my own laundry which I might enjoy more than the trip itself. (haha)

Sunday we went to the sand bar on this beauty.
She's a 90' yacht named "Mia". Allan is the captain and Farrah is the stewardess. There is also a chef and a first mate on board. I was honored when they asked me if I wanted to help work that day! Farrah and I were both "stews" for the yacht owner. He had about 20 of his friends on board and we had so much fun! All we really had to do was serve drinks and clean up after the meals. Easiest $150 I have ever made!

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we ran errands and picked up friends from the airport. We also picked up Farrah's new car and some crazy lady almost wrecked in to us the FIRST NIGHT she had the car. Looked to me like she was texting or something STUPID. Driving in Florida is crazy!

Wednesday and Thursday we went to the boat show. Tyson and Chris accepted an award from Boating Magazine for their Bermuda Challenge record.
There were some crazy boats!!
I love the teak wood floor in this Skater. So elegant!
This 52' MTI is named "Black Diamond". It was a custom build but you can have one for yourself for around $2.5 million dollars. No big deal.
A couple of friends from Oklahoma bought Cigarette Center Consoles. We were testing the boat out to make sure it was party-worthy.
(If you give one damn about professional football, towards the bottom right in this picture, the guy in the pink button-front shirt is Albert Haynesworth. He's mostly known for his career with the Washington Redskins.)
Saturday it absolutely POURED. ALL DAY LONG.
Sunday I got to work on Mia again. It was an interesting group that chartered the boat. They were nightclub owners from Las Vegas and strippers. They were mostly hungover and exhausted from partying til 6am the night before and I overheard one of them say they spent $98,000 at the club that night. Freakin' ridiculous!

Anywho... me on Mia...
The sunset that night was gorgeous...
Monday we ventured to the boat show for a few hours and I finally got to go to the Mac Pro store on Lincoln Road. Thank you Baby Jesus because I have been DYING to try the Studio Fix Fluid foundation. I blogged about road-tripping for it back in August.
I'm NW20 if any of you care...

And I got to go to Ikea! It was absolutely NUTS in there. People are CRAY! I was searching for all the pieces for my vanity room... remember that wet dream I had a few months ago where I thought I could get Tyson to help me build a vanity?

It's slowly happening. They didn't have most of the pieces I needed but I did leave with the Alex 9 Drawer unit and a bunch of drawer organizers.

The trip was a pretty good time but we didn't get to stay for the poker run. We have way too much stuff going on at home to be gone for over two weeks. I actually didn't even go for a boat ride that was faster than 20mph. I was not about to hop in the boat with these two fools.

If you are patient enough (I'm not) to watch the whole video you will see where they stuffed the boat through a wave and lost two of our GoPro's. $800 dollars overboard. Sweet.

And about my vlogging... I filmed A LOT of good stuff. Now comes the hard part... editing.

I'll let you know when the video is finished... hopefully by the end of the month!

Wish me luck!


  1. and these pictures are exactly why i can't wait to move to florida!
    love the necklace in your dad's memory. so sweet.

  2. How exciting to get to go on such a beautiful yacht~
    Very cute necklace, loving the monogram look!

    =) Brooke