Friday, March 1, 2013

Confessional Friday {Link Up with A Blonde Ambition}

Helloooooo Friday!!!

I confess that I missed my blog's First Birthday. I'm such a bad blog-mom!
Let's have a little celebration!
That was fun!

moving on...

I confess that I love me some Big Lots! I got a 20% coupon a few days ago that is this Sunday only.
Yes I cleared my schedule for a Big Lots shopping trip.
No I am not crazy.
Yes I am.

I confess that my Invisalign is really freaking annoying. I told myself that I would not be one of those people who piss-and-moan about orthodontic work but omg these things are freaking weird!
I feel like I got punched in the teeth and there is one spot where the plastic is rubbing on my tongue. I'll go in to more detail on another day.

welcome to My Grill...

I confess that I have filmed two videos regarding my Invisalign experience and I'm just not digging it. There are some people that the camera just does not flatter. I am one of those people. More on this later...

I confess that I am lusting after a YMCA membership. I have always found myself more of a gym-rat than an at-home-gym-mouse. I just can't get motivated at home!

I confess that I got two rain jackets at JCPenney the other day and I can not wait for it to rain so I can wear them!

And finally I confess that I just want to go back to bed. My teeth hurt, I talk funny, and I'm grumpy... nobody wants to be around me so I vote YES on going back to bed!!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I'm sorry Ivisalign is a pain, but your eye make up looks really pretty in that picture!!

    1. Well thank you, doll! It's my Lorac palette... love that thing!!


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