Friday, March 22, 2013

Confessional Friday {Link Up with A Blonde Ambition}

I confess... yesterday I drank a breakfast Slim-Fast smoothie and didn't take out my Invisalign.
Total. Rebel.

I confess... I went to six different TJ Maxx's and Marshall's in Joplin, Wichita KS, and Rogers AR in a matter of four days last week. I was searching for a pink vanity chair and a leopard print rug. I found neither. ERR!!

I confess... I am terrified of dangly earrings. I wear stud pearls every day. I am just so scared of catching my hairbrush or something on my earring and it ripping my ear lobe. When my mom was young her dog's fingernail caught her earring and ripped her ear lobe and now she can't wear earrings. Oh and when I was little I saw a girl rip her eyebrow ring out when she was brushing her hair. Yuck. I have a lot of dangly ear rings but I only wear them on VERY special occasions.

I confess... my neon yellow nail polish has sparked an insane obsession with all things... neon yellow. You just wait to see!

I confess... I need YouTube rehab. I watch entirely too many YouTube videos. I have about 20 YouTuber's that I watch every day. Like... I don't miss a video... and when I do, I stay up late to catch up.

and finally...

I confess that I am sick and I'm pretty pissed about it. I have way too much stuff to do for me to be sick. And this cold rainy/snowy/sleety weather... don't even get me started!!!

Happy Friday!

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  1. Yay for neon yellow! And I'm a stud girl, too : ) Too many hazards when wearing dangly earrings, ha! Thanks for linking up, Tristan!


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