Thursday, March 21, 2013

Saw It. Pinned It. Did It... Glowstick Nails!

I saw this picture on Pinterest and instantly fell in love!
And this one...
And then I remembered seeing this color on Ingrid last summer...
Obnoxious, highlighter yellow nails?


I have not had fake nails since 2009 when this happened:

(pic was about ten days after)

Yes that is blood under my finger nail. Gross I know.
We were out on the boat and I was grabbing the bumpers to tie-up to another boat. When I was walking to the bow of the boat I lost my grip on the rope and dropped the bumper in the water. My stupid move was trying to grab it and when I did that my finger nail caught the hand-rail. It pulled my nail straight off the nail bed. Makes my stomach churn just thinking about it! I immediately squeezed my nail back on to my nail bed and tried to not toss my cookies all over the place. Luckily, we were tying up with a friend who was a doctor! He rinsed it and put that stretchy medical tape on it and said "You are gonna be okay!" That was a relief but I could not use my right hand at all! Hair washing, writing, nothing. Sucked.

So I grew a pair and went to my favorite pedicure place, but this time I asked for a mani. The nice Chinese man says...
 "Ooooooh, you get maneecuurr theese time? You neva get maneecurr."

Long story short, I LOVE THESE BABIES!

My nails remind me of post-it notes...
Miss Geico...
and LMFAO.
The color is by Orly and it is called "Glowstick".
And right now at Ulta Orly is Buy 1 Get 1 FREE so that is $4.00 per bottle of polish!

I know the color is a little much for spring but I just could not wait! A little tip to get the polish as bright as possible is to paint one coat of white polish underneath two coats of Glowstick. It really makes the color pop! Oh, and the color is black light reflective! Super cool!!


  1. I love these! & my best friend would love them even more.. she's OBSESSED with bright nails. I think I'll have to buy this color for her for her birthday next month :)

    1. She will definitely love this polish if she loves bright nails!

  2. What is better than yellow??? Highlighter yellow! I think i am in love with this color too now!!


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