Sunday, January 29, 2012

Crayon Melt

I've been had...

by Pinterest.

I'm usually not very crafty... well Pinterest has changed that! I saw this neat crayon activity that looked pretty cool. I thought this activity needed some Child Supervision so I waited until a friend of mine brought over his daughter. She LOVED this!

(Sorry I don't have pics for every step.)

Here is the picture I saw online:

White Canvas
Crayola Crayons (don't use the cheapies, they don't work)
Hot Glue
Space Heater
Heat Gun
Razor Blade
Cardboard box

1. Pick out your crayons and lay them on the canvas so you can find out how many you need.

2. Use a razor blade (pictured below) and carefully remove the paper from the crayon. If you aren't comfortable using a razor then just peel the paper off with your fingers. Or you can leave the paper on like in the first photo. (I think it looks better with the paper off.)

 3. Hot glue the crayons to the canvas. I drew about a 3" swirl line that was wide enough for 3 or 4 crayons to lay on. IMPORTANT! Wait a few seconds before you put the crayon on the glue. Let the glue cool off a little.

4. Once the glue is dry, set the cardboard box against a wall and lean the canvas at a slight angle. Make sure you have some of the cardboard box up the wall and and plenty of space underneath it for the crayon wax to land on.

5. Turn on the space heater watch the crayons start to melt! This should take anywhere from 3-10 minutes.

 6. Once you start to see the crayons melting a little, use the heat gun and blow downward from the top of the crayon. Be careful to not point the gun directly at the crayons because the wet wax will just splatter on to the other crayons and end up mixing the colors.

7. Leave the canvas in place for 10 or 20 minutes so it has time to cool down then simply pull the canvas away from the wall to break the dried wax on the bottom.

8. Put the canvas in a cool place, ie: near a window, outside, or in the fridge so it can cool down and dry completely.

Do NOT display your crayon project in direct sunlight, near a heater, or in any room that it could get warm enough to melt. This will make a huge mess and crayon wax is not easy to remove from carpet!

And most of all, HAVE FUN!

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  1. what a great job u did!! i love it. i seen alot of people trying it in my hometown, i should!!


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